Thank goodness for 3-year guarantees - terryb
I was just driving onto the return ferry at Calais on Saturday night fully loaded with goods for personal consumption when I pulled on the handbrake and felt a loss of all resistance. Immediate thought was the cable\'s snapped. Crew very helpful though - I left it in Park and they chocked the wheels on one side with thumping great rubber lorry chocks!

Anyway, I\'ve just been to the dealer and they say it needs a new handbrake lever. Evidently the nipple (as they called it) the cable fits on to had sheared off. In the old days it would be a quick weld and away you go but these days it entails having to wait for a replacement lever to be delivered and going back to get it fitted. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon (assuming they don\'t use Royal Mail for parts delivery!). Meanwhile I\'m not fully legal of course.

What a waste and what a cost - luckily I\'ve still got 6 months of the warranty left otherwise I\'d have been tempted to find a local blacksmith\'s shop.

Thank goodness for 3-year guarantees - billy25
eh! handbrakes, i remember them! used to drive five miles wondering why car was sluggish, then realise it was still on!
much prefer the \"P\" on my autobox! :-)
Thank goodness for 3-year guarantees - spikeyhead {p}
The one on a Caterham 7 is almost impossible to use from the drivers seat. Mine was only ever used during the MOT test
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