White Van Irony - DenisO
How many times have we all been tailgated by a white van hooligan intent on embedding his Sprinter, Transit, Movano etc into the rear of our cars?
Well I had to chuckle today on the M25, anti-clockwise, just past Godstone.
I came on at Godstone to meet queing traffic. About 1/2 mile from the junction were 3 vehicles on the hard shoulder. A nice T5 Estate in Jam Sandwich regalia and 2 white vans. One van had the rear shunted nicely and the other; you guessed it; the front all piled in.
I bet their respective bosses will have a few words to say about the 2 second rule!!!
White Van Irony - Andrew Hamilton
I find with my red ex-PO LDV-200 panel van all cars give you a wide berth! As most cars tend to move faster than me I tend to live a lonely life in the left hand lane on motorways. Why cars appear to have been banned from this lane I do not understand!

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