Citroen AX poor cold starting - Halmer
My next door neighbours AX runs perfectly well once hot but has started to take an enernity to start when it\'s cold first thing in the morning.

It didn\'t start at all this morning and he had the RAC out. They eventually got it going and told him to take it to a garage. He has started it without fail first time every hour all day today but knows that it wont start properly in the morning.

Is there an automatic choke on these? Can anyone offer any other possibilities please?
Citroen AX poor cold starting - DL
Depends how old it is, Halmer.

Firstly, make sure the ignition system is 100% - these cold starts demand a strong spark to get things in motion.

Then turn your attention to the fuelling. If it is fuel injected, there isn't a great deal you can do. If is has a carburettor, make sure the choke flap is closing fully.

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Citroen AX poor cold starting - Halmer
I think that it's L Reg with a carb.

I was going to suggest that he reomves the carb cover this morning and make sure that the little flap is fully closed.
Citroen AX poor cold starting - Halmer
s**'s law; it started first time this morning.

I've told him to leave it alone if it carries on starting OK.

How does the auto choke work?
Citroen AX poor cold starting - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
On an 'L' reg I would be most surprised if this car has a carburettor. It is almost certainly a single-point injection system - the throttle body unit is often mistaken for a carburettor. There is no "choke" as such - the engine management system adjusts mixture and idle speed according to temperature.

The problem you describe will require expert investigation, but of course that does not mean you have to take it to the dealer. Look in Yellow Pages under "Car Engine Tuning" or "Engine Tuning". If you post your approximate location here someone may well be able to make a recommendation.

Regards, Adam
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