Shipping part from US - Aprilia
I want to buy a front strut brace for my Nissan QX (they are alleged to improve handling). There are plenty from sale on the US Ebay site, mostly priced between $8-$20. The snag is that the few vendors I've contacted want about £30-40 for shipping to England. This is not a heavy item - basically its an alloy tube with a 'horseshoe' bracket at each end.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get one shipped over more cheaply? Anyone have any contacts in the US that know how to get stuff to England at reasonable cost?
Shipping part from US - Ben {P}
I think your problem may be casued by the length of the item. If it is longer than 110 inches difficulties ensue, i'm not sure the us postal service will carry anything over that length using their normal service. I would suggest you contact Fed Ex in the US. Remember too, tax will be levied on the cost of the goods plus the cost of the shipping.
Shipping part from US - T Lucas
I get some parts shipped with FedEx from the USA and Japan,always quick and easy.

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