Subaru Legacy Report - hillman
I have prepared a report on my Legacy as follows.
The servicing and spare parts cost includes everything I have spent since I collected the car from the dealer. This includes bulbs, mats, punctures and one new tyre. I have it serviced every 5000 miles. The present value, (my estimate £7000) has been subtracted from the initial cost. Mostly used in the Peak District (lots of hills), and suburban trips. Very rarely on the motorway.

Purchase date - 01 07 01
Report date - 15 10 03
Mileage - 30,042
991.03 gals petrol
30.31 mpg

Petrol cost - £5,505.82
Service & parts cost - £1,114.62
Insurance to date - £1.003.02
Original cost - £15,631.00
Realistic today value - £7,000.00
Total cost to date - £17,748.64

Fuel cost per mile ? 18.33p
Total cost per mile ? 54.11p

The clutch was replaced under warranty at 17,000 miles. The only other trouble was caused during servicing, the dealer said that it was a broken wire, I think that it was a connection left loose.
Impressions : It runs so smoothly that my wife falls asleep every trip, in fact, the engine is so smooth that I often forget to change gear. It is marvellous in ice & snow.

Subaru Legacy Report - hillman
Sorry folks, for the technically minded, the car is a 2.0 litre AWD, manual gearbox
Subaru Legacy Report - kevin babij
Subaru UK are clearing out the existing Legacy/Outback models in readiness for the new range in November.
£14700 on the road for the entry level wagon i think.

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