Saab 95 Estate vs BMV 5 Touring - sennapod
Which would be a better prospect over, say , 6 years of ownership averaging 6K- 8K miles per year. I'm tempted by a used 2001 model of each, but am put off by the high initial purchase costs of the Beemer.

Am also aware that the Saab is also a partially re-engineered Vectra !

Needless to say, I like driving, and apart from the load/family carrying aspects of each, want something which is enjoyable to run !
Saab 95 Estate vs BMV 5 Touring - SjB {P}
\"Am also aware that the Saab is also a partially re-engineered Vectra !\"

Nothing *necessarily* wrong with that. I speak as I find in that I ran two V6 Vectra Estates over a period of six years, as did my brother with two 1.8 Estates, and have nothing but praise for the reliable service (and especially with the GSi I owned) the driving pleasure they gave. The detail engineering is clever in many places, too.

Back to the main plot however. Both cars you list are popular in the company I work for, and although I don\'t like the image that goes with a BMW, I much prefer the build and ambiance of a 5 Series Tourer compared with the relative Airfix kit that is the interior assembly of a SAAB 9-5. Note, not a SAAB 95 as you wrote. They\'re rather older! ;-)
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Colleagues with the 9-5 Aero rave about the get-up-and-go, whereas colleagues with BMW 5 Series Tourings tend to rave more about refinement and handling.

BMW probably has more second hand cachet to retain value when you come to sell, too.
Saab 95 Estate vs BMV 5 Touring - lordwoody
Despite the Vectra and 9-5 sharing the same platform there is very little comparison-they are two completely different cars. I have a 9-5 saloon, my 4th Saab, and am very happy with it-not quite sure I understand the Airfix kit allusion above. The BMW certainly has a high percived quality but also, IMHO, an unfortunate image which I personally wouldn'y want to be associated with. BMW says "Flash", Saab says "Understated taste"! (I'm sure there may be some who disagree).
Saab 95 Estate vs BMV 5 Touring - Burnout2
Having driven my father's new 9-5 Aero, I can assure you that only resemblance between this and any Mk I Vectra is that both have four wheels.
Saab 95 Estate vs BMV 5 Touring - SjB {P}
<<< not quite sure I understand the Airfix kit allusion above. >>>

Simply that some switch blanking plates have rough edges to them and lack a nice snug fit in their aperture, and other plastic bits and pieces lack a quality feel. More than one colleague has quickly snapped the part of the dash mounted drinks holder that controls how it rotates on pushing away, for example.

(Humour) I prefer the build quality of the BMW, but the less austere Swedish nature of the SAAB, so chose a V70 as my current car! ;-)
Saab 95 Estate vs BMV 5 Touring - Altea Ego
I will second the opinion (oops thats third the opinion) that there is NO similiarity between the vectra and the 9-5. Having put a lot of miles on both you put that to bed. The SAAB is a zillion miles away from the Vectra in every way.

The SAAB (specially the estate) is a really good car, but you cant compare it to a 5 series touring. Two different cars (and very different money)
Saab 95 Estate vs BMV 5 Touring - Durelli
Have you considered the Volvo V70 which gets a good name as an Estate of a similar size, the Mercedes E Class and the Audi A6.

I looked at all of these and went for the V70.


Durelli - son of a famous Italian tyre maker
Saab 95 Estate vs BMV 5 Touring - NARU
I've owned a 9-5 Aero estate and a 330d estate - not quite the pair you're looking at, but similar.

The neighbours (mainly Mercedes drivers) liked the Saab, and it looked fantastic. I found it a bit slower than I'd expected, and a pain in wet/icy weather - front wheel frive and 230HP don't really mix. About 22mpg. The front seats made my back ache, but the dash was fantastic - everything just where you needed it. And the cupholder is a work of art!

The BMW is a much better drive despite less power. It handles well, and is good at getting the power down. I love the fact that you can select hot or cold air on your face (one of those little things!). I upgraded the seats to sports/electric/heated and they feel better than the Saab (but they did add £2k to the price of the car). Be aware that the pedals on the BMW (both 3 and 5 series) are offset slightly to the right - doesn't bother me. I get 39mpg.

I thought the Saab had the better image, especially in 9-5 aero form, but the BMW has been easier to live with.

If it was my money, and I had a Saab specialist nearby I'd go for the Saab. Otherwise the BMW. And if you're doing high mileage definately consider the BMW 3.0 diesel - It really is the best diesel engine I've ever driven.
Saab 95 Estate vs BMV 5 Touring - PB
I would definitely test drive them both. I've had a couple of 9-5s (2.3t SE auto is best bet) and the interior layout and seat comfort is definitely a match for the 5 series. I chose between the two for my current car and the Saab is significantly cheaper with a good equipment level. Over 6 years you are going to have a lot of depreciation in either so purchase price matters more. Watch out for start-up smoke on the Saab - could mean a new turbo though I think this is not a problem on the 2001 model year.
The 530d est is a very good car though!

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