BMW X3 - Jtp
I'm interested in getting an X3 and was quite surprised to hear from my local dealer that the earliest delivery was probably end 2004 / early 2005.

I got in touch with a broker who claims that he can get a car (sourced from a UK dealership) unregistered and at the list price delivered a lot closer to the launch date of May 2004.

Now I'm a little surprised that he is selling what appears to be a high demand car, for the list price and so close to the launch date.

Do I smell a rat or are there legit UK brokers doing business with UK BMW dealers and able to source these desirable cars at a discount?

BMW X3 - Morris Ox
It'll be legit, but as with any deal of this nature check the small print in terms of contractual fulfillment and price guarantee.

My opinion is that the X3 is pretty ambitiously priced as it is when you consider what it is. If brokers think they can get away with it the price will get even sillier.
Being a very big cynic, you pays your deposit over to the broker who says that you will get it in May 04. May 04 comes and no car, with broker saying its been delayed 3 or 4 months. What are you going to do? Either ask for your money back and join the back of BMWs queue or just accept the 2-3 month wait.
BMW X3 - Jtp
Good point. This particular broker is not looking for a deposit but obviously requires full payment before delivery. He could then turn around and say that delivery has been delayed.

Anybody out there have experience of buying a high demand car through a broker? Have they delivered when promised? The same broker has a UK sourced 3.0i Z4 for immediate delivery which he is again selling at list price. I thought Z4's were going for a premium?

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