advice needed what to buy - epaul
I currently have a BMW 328I coupe, I just cant get used to driving it. Therefore i m thinking of getting rid. I previously owned a VW Golf VR6 (boy was it awesome....big mistake going to the beemer).
Im thinking of either a Misibushi Evo, prepared to give a BMW M3 a go or a skyline. Im looking at around 15 - 20 grand or if it was worth it the golf R32. Help what should i go for.
Thank you in advance
advice needed what to buy - DavidHM
I have a lot less experience of top end performance stuff than I'd like... What is it that you don't like about the 328i? The amount of power, or the delivery? The rear wheel drive handling? The BMW image? Or just the whole package?

Most people seem to think that the R32 is a well planted cruiser, rather than a back road blaster. That might suit you but it doesn't strike me as an obvious choice. Others to look at would be the usual - Civic Type R, Focus RS, Leon Cupra. But I'm not going to advise because I know nothing about these cars and none of them is bad; it's all down to your personal taste.

If you want something a bit raw (and smaller, and cheaper) an £11k Clio 172 Cup might be your thing; it can cock a rear wheel like an old Golf. It's a lot slower than an M3, Evo or Skyline but it's a proper old school hot hatch.
advice needed what to buy - teabelly
The Skyline because it is the coolest! They are pretty complicated cars and the grey imports may not have the same engine management software as the pukka UK imported cars so getting fault codes read can prove troublesome with main nissan dealers. If you find yourself a decent specialist then it shouldn't be too much of a risk as the sheer number of greys should mean they are catered for.The Evo would be a safer bet.

If you are in the north west then Warrender Sports and Performance seems to be a good place to buy from as they are a member of BIMTA and their warranties are pretty good.
advice needed what to buy - nick
Try a Subaru Impreza turbo WRX or sti or the Mitsubishi Evo. Once you've experienced 4wd you won't want to go back. They handle sublimely. Plus bullet-proof reliability. I think the Subaru looks a little more discreet, especially in a dark colour, and the flat four engine is superb and sounds so good. Good as the Golf was, I think you'll find either of these better, but presumably you'll need to use more revs in the japs. That's a pleasure though!
advice needed what to buy - bradgate

What exactly is the problem with the 328? I have found that the 3 series 'organ pedal' throttle takes a bit of getting used to, but apart from that i very much enjoy driving manual 6 cylinder 3 series.

If you clarify your issues with the 328 i'm sure we can give you some useful advice.
advice needed what to buy - epaul
Thanks so far, to be honest its not that i dont like the 328I, I just cant get use to the "driving experience". Its the way the car handles on the road, it tends to feel like bit of a sickly "fairground ride" yes i know could be a problem somewhere, wheel balancing has been done and tracking. My previous vehicle a VR6 was awesome.You could throw it around something awesomely.
Cosmetically the 328 looks nice ive tinkered a bit with the lights (clear all round, clear indicators, lexus style rear etc),and a few other bits exhaust rear diffuser although hope im not being to shallow here.
Im really not into scoobies so i havent considered one they just dont do it for me.
Once again thanks for the advise....I suggest I just go and test drive each one of them...though to be honest i am gutted its turned out like this as when I got rid of the VR6 I spent a lot of time deciding on my next purchase. I guess it hasnt turned out how i had hoped
advice needed what to buy - nick
Let us know how the test drives go, I be interested in a comparison between an Evo and an Impreza.
advice needed what to buy - NitroBurner
Sometimes you just don't get on with a car do you. Doesn't matter how good it's supposed to be. My last car was like that; could do no wrong according to the car journos, left me cold...
advice needed what to buy - SjB {P}
Agree with you NitroBurner.

Everybody tells me that a Three Series is the best driving experience a mortal with reasonable finanical means can get, but I dislike them.

After over twenty years of front wheel drivers (with one rear wheel driver in the middle), I have grown to like the kickback and feeling of steering 'wheight' that I get with a well set up, reasonably powerful, front wheel driver (most have been between 140 and 200 BHP).

I have driven three 3 Series Beemers, one a 328i Coupe, one a 318i, and one a 320D, and whilst the latter was by far (to my amazement) the best of the bunch, they all had lifeless steering to my 'front wheel drive' hands.

Within the confines of real streets in the real world (no airstrips devoid of kerbs and with huge run-off), I also found the Beemers more difficult to hustle smoothly at a brisk clip on flowing roads.
advice needed what to buy - epaul
sjb and nitro have to agree....however another change ive always had vdubs and ejyoed everyone of them so another change im going for a V6 4motion my minds made up!!!...damn shame i cant afford the R32 or there would be no question about it.
Thanks all
advice needed what to buy - Mattster

Have you test driven the 4-Motion? I heard from someone on this website who's owned both, that the 4-Motion handles like a dog compared to the VR6.
advice needed what to buy - Maz
When spending £20k on a performance car, also consider a Porsche 911, you'll get a good one for that money and they're run in nicely at 80,000 miles.

If it doesn't float your boat fine, but give it a go.

Good luck Paul, let us know how you get on.

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