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Hi All
I wonder if anybody out there could clarify the time scale for changing the cam belt on a 1998 Omega 2.5 CDX My service book says 80000 or 8 years but I have been told that it as changed back to 40000 or 4 years confused or what a friend said it was not the belt but the tensioner that is the problem My local dealer Perrys say 40000 but i dont know whch way to go have been quoted £200 is that a fair price also I have been told to change the oil every 5000 and to use synthetic oil I am becoming a bit disenchanted with my pride and joy any advice out there


Omega Cam Belt - Daz
Definitely 40,000 change rollers as well, every other cam change replace water pump also to be on safe side.

Also oil change every 5000 seems excessive but highly recommended.

Having had a replacement engine on an Omega with 77k full VSH better safe than sorry I'm afraid.

Great car but expensive to run/maintain.

Omega Cam Belt - RobertH
Hi daz
Thanks for that but what about the oil Synthetic or Mineral


Omega Cam Belt - DavidHM
There are hundreds of threads on this. Basically, Omegas (or anything else with the ECOTEC engine) are known for premature cam belt failure. Vauxhall actually changed the recommendation after the service book was published, because of the volume of failures. The new interval is 40k/5 years; the tensioner is the problem, but as belts are so cheap relative to the labour in fixing them, it's pointless not to do both at the same time.

Of course, someone will be along to say how they got 190k out of their Cavalier on its original belt, and how their gran smoked 60 a day and lived to be 103.

As for oil changes and fully synthetic - you may not be bothered about keeping the car for another five years, but if you are, the extra cost is minimal compared to the potential value of having an extra year or two out of the car.
Omega Cam Belt - Hugo {P}
I would go with the 40000.

You may be spending more than you really need to but you'd prefer, I'm sure, to be spending an extra £200 once in a while than be landed with a bill for 2 grand!

I would suggest that your local dealer's advice be taken. If you are unsure, I am sure that GM UK could help.

Omega Cam Belt - smokie
I had the Omega MV6 done at 40k miles, and also have taken note of advice here and do the 5k oil change (Mobil 1). My belt cost £230 including a "basic" service by mu local indy rather than a dealership so your quote isn't too bad at all.
Omega Cam Belt - eMBe {P}
>>...also I have been told to change the oil every 5000 and to use synthetic oil ...>>

RobertH: I will copy my reply from

You can get quality oil filter change at National Tyres for £10 (or £15 for semi-synth). Take a print of the folowing page with you.

This is cheap enough if you want to change at 5000 miles, but you can safely stretch that to 10,000 miles. Trust me, I know.

Search this forum (button on the right) for \"oil change\" for more information on oil changes than is good for anyone!


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