Buying Renualt Megane Import or UK Spec - morgie
I want to buy a new shape megane but am confused by which is the best route. I have been offered a 1.4 authentique A/C with CD and metallic paint from Motorpoint for £8699, however this is an import with uk spec. and comes with 1 or 2 year manufacturer warranty dependant on the country of origin. The nearest comparable price via a dealer is approx. £8900 for a 1 year old with 12,000 on the clock with no air con or CD but it will have the rest of the warranty on it and two years AA cover. Would I be better going for the import and buying additional warranty how much wolud this be or going via the traditional route? The main uk dealer indicated that I would have problems with resale and getting insurance on an import but is this just a ruse. I did read reports that deadlocks are fitted uniquely on UK models but have not been able to get this confirmed, would this effect things.Any advice or thoughts welcome.
Buying Renualt Megane Import or UK Spec - teabelly
You could try one of the internet uk spec supplied firms. seem to have the best prices for a megane. They have authentiques with aircon for 8649 and that is full uk with 12 months ved and the full 3 year warranty.

If you buy a euro import from motorpoint with 2 year warranty then you'll have exactly the same warranty time as the megane from the dealer that is already a year old. 2 years AA cover is about £200 max. The second hand one from the dealer is not a good buy in my opinion as either way you can get a brand new car for less than they want for a second hand one.
Buying Renualt Megane Import or UK Spec - DavidHM
I don't think you'd have huge problems with resale - yes, it will be worth less than a UK car, and the Renault franchise may not want it, but I can't see how it would be less attractive than a car a year older, with an extra 12k on the clock, and lacking the more or less essential aircon.

As for insurance, I cannot imagine that any company could care less about whether the car is an import to UK spec via Renault UK or an unofficial importer. I'm willing to be proved wrong, and the only sure way is to ask, but I'd be astonished if there are any problems if the car is to UK spec.

Of course Teabelly has the best solution - cheaper than either, UK supplied, and with the warranty, the broker price squares the circle.
Buying Renualt Megane Import or UK Spec - Ivor E Tower
..and another thing to consider is that if you get any unusual fault or fault just outside of warranty, Renault UK will almost certainly not entertain considering paying you anything towards a cure if the car is an import (see various stories in motoring mags - and this is not just confined to Renaulkt but other importers too). Best to stick to genuine UK car if at all possible. You could consider an independent extra warranty though for added peace of mind (but would this not eat up your saving on purchase price?) Try haggling with Renault dealers too - I did and it worked.


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