RAV4: petrol or diesel - damian
Sorry if any of you have read this on the Discussion section but I realised I needed the opinion of some technically minded folk.[1]

Having completely totalled my wife\'s Corolla at 80mph and walking away with just a bit of whiplash, she is now insisting I buy her the car she always wanted. With mainly short urban journeys (1-2miles) twice a day with child, a 25mile journey once a week and a long journey (300 miles) every couple of months, which engine is best going to cope with that sort of abuse? Looking at the fuel consumption figures there isn\'t that much difference between the 2.0litre petrol and 2.0litre D4-D diesel. Any opinions? Plan to keep vehicle for 5years plus.

[1]I\'ve deleted the post in discussion and moved Artful Dodger\'s reply here. Providing any other replies are of a tech nature and not general discussion, I\'ll let this thread remain here. DD.
RAV4: diesel or petrol?? - Wilco {P}

Glad to hear you\'re still in one piece.

There\'s a road test of the RAV4 on the site, and also the Avensis which shares the diesel engine, and probably the petrol ones too for that matter.

With a low mileage, petrol might be the way to go - get a bike for the urban journey - will save petrol and engine wear :-)

Personally I\'d go for the diesel as a real world performer, but in reality with a Toyota you won\'t go wrong with either way.
RAV4: petrol or diesel - Malcolm_L
I had the use of a RAV4 petrol (auto) for a couple of months, I haven't driven the diesel so I can't comment but the petrol engine is too buzzy for the gearing.

Diesel would suit better, given the short runs, a petrol engine wouldn't get off choke.


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