Two quick questions - Thommo
If anyone knows the following I would be grateful:

1. Prior to which dates can a car have only seatbelts in the front? and prior to which dates can you have no seatbelts at all?

2. From what date did the paint on cars compulsorily change to water based?

Two quick questions - RichardW
1. Front belts required from 1st Jan 1965, rear belts from 1st April 1987.

2. No idea.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Two quick questions - commerdriver
dont know about q2 but the attached should answer the seatbelts one. Looks like rear seatbelts required for cars first used after 31 March 1987 but check & see if thats your understanding. Front seatbelts are required on cars used after January 1965.
Hope this helps
Two quick questions - Dwight Van Driver
1.1.1965 Anchorage points and body restraining belt required for driver and front specified passnger seat. Vans from 1.4.67.

After 1.4.1982 Three point belts required for driver and specified passenger.

After 1.4.1987 belts brought in for rear passengers.

Pass on the paint question.

A third question - pdc {P}
Why does paint have to be water based?
A third question - apm
I think it's meant to be better for the environment or something.
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you are a miner.
A third question - Altea Ego
There is no direct answer to the water based paint question. Depends on manufacturer, where made, and market its sold into. The European VOC directive suggested manufacturers had made the switch by 1999, altho several countries (Germany and Sweden) had enacted anti polution legislation earlier.

Its all about the waste paint sludge. Solvent based paints are toxic in sludge form and polute groundwater when dumped.
A third question - madf
"Solvent based paints are toxic in sludge form and polute groundwater when dumped."

Good idea to ban them.
Why don't they also ban?:
. the contraceptive pill: pollutes gorundwater and affects male fertility
. All PVC based products: same comments as the pill
. All smoking: pollutes air etc
. Mercury amalgam fillings: mercury is a known poison and affects brain tissue
. All modern car wiring which is incredibly toxic if it burns.

et etc etc

A third question - Thommo
Without getting in to Madf's point, thanks for the info guys...
A third question - Thommo
Could not resist the mercury fillings point, apparently before you can be cremated mercury filings must be removed. Don't know exactly why, maybe they produce a toxic gas when burned.
A third question - nick
It's also true that the mercury amalgam used is nicely inert in your mouth and does no harm.

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