Yaris Diesel or Petrol - carroll
Has anyone experience of 1.3 or 1.4D Yaris.
I do a low mileage but is it worth the extra for the diesel engine given the rave reviews?


Yaris Diesel or Petrol - Cardew
SWMBO has a 1.3 Automatic and I find it drives very well - keeps up with all Motorway traffic easily. I have also driven the manual petrol version.

Much has been written in the BR about the Petrol v Diesel debate. See the \"Diesel - not so cheap\" thread. I think the consensus was that it probably doesn\'t pay to get a small diesel if there is a considerable price premium of the petrol model.

Some factors are:

A diesel Yaris costs £700 more than the equivalent petrol model (at list prices.)

You get 12 BHP more from petrol but less torque.

VED is £20pa less for the diesel.

Assuming 40mpg for petrol and 50mpg for diesel there is a saving of approx £17 per 1000 miles.

You should get a higher resale price for the diesel.

Personally I wouldn\'t consider the diesel unless I was covering 20K miles per year and intended to keep it for a few years.

Yaris Diesel or Petrol - SteveH42
VED is £20pa less for the diesel.

However, servicing costs ~£10 more per 10k miles (based on Culvers published prices) so this will pretty much get cancelled out, at least based on 20k miles pa.

I'd suspect the D4D economy might be better compared to the 1.3 than you suggest, but the basic point that it would take a lot of mileage to get the initial extra back holds.
Yaris Diesel or Petrol - Nortones2
If total economy is the issue, then the 1.0ltr engine might suffice. My feeling having driven all 3 cooking Yaris manuals, is that the 1.4 diesel is far better to drive. Noisier at tick-over, but quiet enough when at speed, and no hole in the power band at lower/medium revs. Unable to convince wife that the extra should be paid, and the 1.3 goes well enough!
Yaris Diesel or Petrol - Brooklands
I agree with the others, if you're not going to be doing a high milage then the diesel isn't likely to be cost effective. I suspect that the break-even point will be betwwen 40K and 50K miles, because that's what it worked out at when I did the calculations for the Peugeot 206/Citroen C3/Renault Clio.

I've got a diesel Yaris, and based on the milage so far ~5000 miles, mainly commuting 80 miles/day on country roads, I'm getting 68-70 mpg.

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