Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - haywoon
My Father in law is due to get a new company car any time between now and Jan 04. He currently drives a Lexus IS200 which he is really pleased with, however he is due to start making long commutes between Shropshire and Bournemouth and needs a diesel for economy purposes.

The new cars he has shortlisted are:-

Audi A4 1.9 TDI
Honda Accord Executive (when the diesel is launched)
Saab 93
Jaguar X type

He doesnt like the Saab very much, and at the moment, the Jag is in the lead, however apparently there are problems with the Jag X type diesel.

Has anyone got any advice?
Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - bazza
The Honda. Perhaps not as much badge status but he'll spend less time on the hard shoulder. The latest "Which" reliability survey rates Honda far above the others listed here.
Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - SjB {P}
I'd touch none of those, and drive away in Volvo's excellent S60 D5 instead.
Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - twinexhaust
I believe the UK release of the Accord diesel is Feb 2004. Car magazine pitch it against the BMW 2.0D (in loaded Sport trim) and the Jag 2.0D in the Nov 2003 issue. Accord diesel is apparantly very quiet and beats the class equalling BMW/Jag (i.e. Mondeo TDCi) 243lb/ft of torque with 251 lb/ft on offer. Accord will be Euro IV compliant (= extra 3% tax not applicable for company car drivers). What about adding the BWM to the list? Best drivers car with class leading power and in ES spec comparable in price to the others? Granted the Accord Exec will come with all the kit though.

Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - BaseRSXmanual
We don?t have the Honda Accord Executive (when the diesel is launched) in the USA. We do have the Acura TL Type-S which is a beautiful 4 door sedan. I don?t know if you guys have that car or not, or if it is called Honda instead of Acura. But the TL is simply excellent and would be a great option to add to you list if you do have it there. The new 2004 model here in the US also finally offers a 6 speed manual. All previous models only came with the Auto SS tran. The TL is a wonderful mixture of luxury and performance and only costs about 33k (USD). Which is around 20k (GBP) I think.
Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - nick
If you want to be sure of getting where you want to go without the car 'failing to proceed' or with bits falling off just buy japanese-built japanese, if you see what I mean. I really can't see why anyone buys anything else except as a hobby car, especially with your own money. But each to their own, I suppose....
Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - jeds
I'm not sure how the Audi A4 gets into this list. The Passat TDI is a better car and much better interior for a lot less money - probably better than the others in this list as well. My last was an A6 TDI which was excellent. When I changed recently I also tested the Volvo D5 and the BMW - The Volvo was in the running but the BMW was just dreadful. I can't believe people pay the money for this car when you can get so much more for your dosh. I was also very put off by people nearly choking when I mentioned that I had looked at the BMW. The general consensus was that I must be going soft in the head to even consider it.
Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - DavidHM
Your Accord is different from ours; ours is the Acura TL with smaller engines and slightly different styling. UK prices are from £17k but we quote including tax, so that works out at about $24k.
Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - matt35 {P}
I am in love with my X 2.5 petrol after 2 years - from what I have read of the diesel it is something else.
The very early cars seem to have been rushed off production - inexcusable, I agree, but when they get them sorted, I am thinking of having a serious look at trading in the petrol and getting the diesel....hope maybe to test one at my service on Wednesday.
I could not knock any of the cars listed, but a Jag is a Jag is a Jag!
PS - it is subjective - but I would go for the Saab as a second choice.
Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - Vansboy
Come on now...

Just ask him how GOOD he feels, by saying ' I've a new Jaguar on the driveway!!!'

& then he can start adding up the £$£$£ by making the switch from petrol to diesel!!

Get down to the Jaguar dealer & get a demo, for a day or 3!!

Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - flatfour
My Saab is a real mile eater, lovely and smooth and the seats are very supportive over a long run, "but" its had a gearbox fault from new, lots of other niggles, air con, rattles, just not the quality you expect, i've test driven a new accord and its no match at all, read lots of bad press here about the x-type, i know a couple of people with s-types, they are just as bad, and the Audi A4, what a lovely car, the finish inside is the best, but my friends son works in the local dealer and they seem to be having loads more problems than they a few years ago.
The Saab still has the smoothest ride, if you go for it lets hope you get a good one.
Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - DavidHM
My head says Accord, I'm afraid, having read the AutoExpress review (and no one has any more idea than that) although if he needs the car by January and it's not out until February, that pretty much excludes it.

My head says BMW or Jag; I'd go for the BMW but that's me. Nothing wrong with the Audi, either, it's just not as apparently stunning as the Accord (or as completely equipped, etc.) while not yet being Euro IV I believe. But if his heart says Audi, I'd listen to that.
Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - haywoon
Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed their view point.

I've printed it all off and given it to the Father in law to have a read through.

I have to say, he's still set on the Jag, however I haven't told him about the excellent discount prices on the car supermarket sites like

He can almost get a Audi A4 TDI Quatro in his budget or alternatively the Jag with more kit on it. I dont think he will wait until February for the Honda, despite is' superior reliability.

I will however look forward to HOnest John's test drive and report on it in a couple of weeks.

Cheers all

PS. Top forum and site by the way - must be one of the best out there.

Audi, Saab, Honda or Jag? - No Do$h
Have to say I go with the suggestion of the S60 D5. 'sluvverly.

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