Road signs covered by trees. - Paddy Higgens
I have noticed recently, especially in Shrops & Staffs, that many road signs are covered by overgrowing trees or shrubs. Not a problem if you know where you are going but if you are a stranger it can become a problem. Safety is compromised in cases such as these and is indicative of the declining amounts of money available to County Councils to maintain our roads etc.
Re: Road signs covered by trees. - Michael
I agree and I also think its indicative of the local council prioritising other things above hedge cutting. In kent, priority is currently with drain and gully clearance to help prevent a re-run of last years floods. A lot of flood damage was caused by a lack of preventive maintenance resulting in blocked drains and gullys. Add to that the road repair program (also needed after last years floods). Then there's the matter of foot & mouth and its impact. The consequences are that routine hedge trimming slips down the priority list. Having said that, the council is usually receptive to a complaint regarding specific problems with signs, not much use if you a stranger to the area, I know.
Re: Road signs covered by trees. - Andy
I agree. Around here (north Cheshire) we have traffic lights, direction signs and 'Slow - Elderly people' signs obscured by trees. We also have approaches to mini-roundabouts made dangerous by bushes.
It just shows that they don't really care about road safety, the cameras being merely part of an anti-car/ cash collection scheme.
Re: Road signs covered by trees. - Mark
Andy I have to agree,

I live in the Peoples Republic of Halton, Lord knows where the money goes the roads round here are in a dreadful state.

Perhaps the annual "traditional" Mayors' party for the Mayor of Halton and his family and hangers on takes what is left, or maybe the local committees consume it all in expenses.

as ever

Re: Road signs covered by trees. - Bill Doodson
I remember an instance several years ago, when some one who was done for speeding got off with it due to being able to produce a photo of the speeding sign covered by tree branches, with relevant statements that it had been like that for a long time.

In I 1995 we had a drought in Yorksire, all of the revsevoirs where dry. Yorkshire Water tankered water in from all over. But if you go into the Pennine hills between Lancs and Yorks no one is overhauling the gullies even now, that help to supply those revsevoirs. This is the same as not clearing the roads, but where is the money going?

Re: Road signs covered by trees. - Michael
Bill, maybe they have lent the money to kent county council - boy have we had a problem with our drains!

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