ford mondeo turbo diesel - mosie
I have a 1997 ford mondeo turbo diesel and I recently had the engine reconditioned. A week ago it completed 500 miles and I took it back to the garage for its first service. Since yesterday it has progressively started smoking from the exhaust. It has also started to intermittently go into very high revs without me pushing on the accelerator pedal?. One mechanic has said it it likely the turbo itself is gone, could this be the problem? what can I do?
Since it had the engine reconditioned it has lost power and I struggle to go up steep hills?

Please help.
ford mondeo turbo diesel - M.M

When someone reports problems with a recon engine we tend to think this way first...

Are you sure this wasn't just a cleaned up used engine fitted?
Could it be your old engine with just its main fault repaired?
How much did you pay, a proper recon on this engine inc fitting should have been over £1700. Much less than that and it couldn't have been done correctly.

Low power sounds perhaps like poor compressions...revving could be engine burning its own oil.

If your turbo was OK before there is no reason for it to fail in 500 miles.

What do the guys say who supplied the engine?



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