Leather Seats - Michael Thomas
I bought a car to replace my written off one and have got hold of a 97 R Rover 623GSi Auto with lots of extras, 1 owner, 60K miles, full Rover SH for 5G's. Nice alloys as well. It only costs me an extra fiver a month on my insurance!

Thing is, I've never had a car with leather seats before but I know it's important to look after them. What's the best 'food' for them and how often should you nourish them? I know there was a thread somewhere but I can't find it.

Could anyone refresh my sieve-like memory?
Re: Leather Seats - rogerb
The best stuff for the job USED to be(when I had a 60something Rover 2000)
Connolly's Hide Food, "Connolly" being, I seem to recall the tanners who supplied RR , AstonM, etc.

Dunno if it is still available.
Re: Leather Seats - Phil Goodacre
Autoglym leather care cream is as good as anything I've ever used.
Re: Leather Seats - John Slaughter
Check the Classic vehicle magazines. Plenty of ads there for leather care products.


Re: Leather Seats - Matt Kelly
Connolly Hide Food was still available a couple of years back - I bought some from Kehoe Brothers Shoe Repairs of Borough High Street London. You need to go to an old style cobblers or specialist luggage shop to buy it I would think.
I got it to protect a lovely leather satchel type bag I bought my wife to use for work. Obviously she never uses the stuff on the bag but I put it on my Timberland boots at the start of the winter & it does a good job.
Re: Leather Seats - mike harvey
Whatever you use, it will put a lovely shine on your trousers!

PS, can't stand leather myself, in the house or car. Makes good shoes though. Each to his own I suppose.
Re: Leather Seats - Ash Phillips
I've seen stuff for leather sofas but never car seats - I thought (without any actual justification) they had some kind of treatment that obviated the need for such stuff. I've got a pair of DMs with a finish that never needs polishing and they look great even after several years - that kind of technology didn't exist all that many years ago. So is modern leather that is used for car seats the same as the old stuff you see - all cracked and crazed with the surface brittle like plastic almost?
Re: Leather Seats - Bob Jeffery
Rolls Royce Motors have their own 'branded' lanolin wax cream which says on the pot 'prepared by Connolly Leather Ltd'. if that's any help.
It also says on the pot 'For information regarding the preserving and restoring of leather contact: Renovation Department 0181 543 4611.
Re: Leather Seats - Bobby Chariot
these have got to be the best seats in any car I have driven !

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