Renault hands-free cards - HectorG
I'm thinking of buying a new Renault Scenic. My last 3 cars have been VW's, but I don't like the Touran - bland & expensive - and 2 of my VW's suffered terrible reliability and build problems.

I thought i would give the Scenic a try - I admire Renault's boldness of design combined with immense practicality.However,I am a little concerned that legendary French unreliability,particularly in electrics,will render the keyless system a potential weak-spot.

Do any Backroomers have any unfortunate experiences with this system?

Any other comments on Renaults in general would be most welcome.My last Renault was a '4' which was scrapped in 1988 at 7 years old having completely rusted-out!

Renault hands-free cards - Vagelis
Welcome to the Renault club, then!

Being the owner of a Clio 2001 model since new, I can say I've had no reliability problems, except the notorious ignition coils, which died 2~3 months ago and I had to change them. Half the charge was covered by Renault inspite of the car being out of warranty, which suggests (and asking around confirmed) that this is a known problem (but no callback!) I don't think this problem exists with new Renaults, but to make sure have a look at the engine: if the coil-tops are grey, you should be okay. If they're black demand that they be changed before you buy it.

Quality-wise, no problems and I assume the new Scenic will be better than my clio.

Advice: If you are going to get one, choose a decent engine. Renaults are a real joy to drive.

Renault hands-free cards - Hugo {P}
Don't know specifically about the scenic, but I have owned two Renaults in my time.

First was an 11gtl, which I had for 5 years. That was probably the best overall car I ever owned. It had 65K on it when I bought it a 3 years old and had done 106K at 8 years old when I sold it.

I currently drive a Trafic 2.1 diesel van, which has totalled 185K to date. It's been well looked after by the previous owner and it is very reliable.

Renault hands-free cards - Hugo {P}
Oh - nearly forgot,

A friend of mine was the only owner of a 21 estate H reg, which recently went to the scrap yard.

This was the 1.7l engine. He covered about 165K in it whilst he had it and was very pleased with it.

Even the electronic key fob was working when he took it the the scrap yard!

Renault hands-free cards - HectorG
Thanks Vagelis & Hugo.

So far so good!

I find myself tending towards being ruled by my heart rather than my head.Apart from our Renault 4 (which my wife loved to bits despite the rust)I owned Citroens for 25 years - a 2CV, 2 Ami's, 2 GS's, a DS Safari, a CX Safari and an AX.I finally found the gallic eccentricity just too much, largely because of build dreadful build quality and unnecessary complexity. I then went to the other extreme, my last 5 cars being Volvo's and VW's - but they are so boring,and in my experience not very reliable (apart from a Volvo 740 GLE estate which never went wrong in 9 years!)

I wonder if the anti-French bias of the motoring press is really a relic of the past and they really are as reliable as the Germans, if not the Japanese.

Come on, let me have your anti-Renault and anti-French anecdotes.

Renault hands-free cards - James_Jameson
I, and relatives, have had excellent service from Renaults over many years.
Renault hands-free cards - HisHonour {P}
Had a Scenic for three years - never again! Electrics failed six times, sunroof replaced three times- but still the car filled up with water on rainy days. Eventually discovered that the floorpan was not attached at the front so that every time it rained the car acted as a giant water-scoop!
Renault hands-free cards - HisHonour {P}
Forgot to add that the front seats wore out in record time. Delighted to get rid of the beast after three years and 38000 miles.
Renault hands-free cards - Altea Ego
Had a Scenic for 4 years from new, leccy sunroof failed in the first month, but 48,000 miles later nothing else ever went wrong. Now got a Laguna 1.9DCI 6000 miles and 5 months later it seems very well screwed together.

Its very clever to sit in the car when cold, put in the card, punch the go button, and while putting on your seat belt the electronics decide everything is ready to go and the car starts - look ma - no hands.

Off to one of the Scenic Launch parties tomorrow, just to be nosy and grab some free scoff
Renault hands-free cards & Scenic Deux - Altea Ego
Just back from one of the Renault Launch parties with a Rebault goodie bag. Have to say the Scenic 2 is a super piece of kit and now finally comes with the 1.9DCI 12O engine and a 6 speed box. You really have to look this beast over to appreciate all the super design that has gone into it, enough cubby holes to loose the kids in, and the two huuuuuuuuge sunroofs are a gem. They have fixed my largest bugbear ont he old scenic, the drivers footwell, now big enough for size 15s. Great driving position. The electronic parking brake is fantastic. Has a really useable flip down mirror to check the status of the kids on the back, works really well. Very clever huge moveable bin/console/armrest between the front seats. The gear change, while very well located, feels ponderous and slow. Three bug bears tho

The doors shut with what most be the most horrible and upsetting clang I have ever know on any car, the seat material on the middle models has a trully horrid feel, and its expensive. The Dynamique is dearer than my Laguna Dynamique.

All in all, a trully very good all round family car.
Renault hands-free cards & Scenic Deux - HectorG
Thanks RF

Very interested in your comments as I know from your previous contributions you have been a Scenic'1' owner.

I have only sat in one at my local dealer as they did not have one on demo as it wasn't officially launched until last Friday. They had one hidden at the back of their workshop which they produced when I showed an interest.

I was very impressed with the design and thought it much more convincing than the original Scenic.Also, I was surprised that October's Top Gear magazine has a group test which concludes that the Scenic was better finished than the VW Touran.Even J.Clarkson likes it which may put some people off!

I hope to test drive a 1.9DCI 120 Privilege in the next few days and if it drives well I may be prepared to risk the reliability, especially as my recent VW's have been dreadful.

HF you comment on the gear change.Aren't the gearboxes made by Nissan now and a great improvement on the previous Renault unit which had a poor 2nd gear change - or am I mistaken?

I will post my reactions after the test drive.


Renault hands-free cards & Scenic Deux - Altea Ego

The gearbox comment is more to do with where the gear lever is placed and the cable linkage. The box itself (if its the same as my 6 speed laguna) is a gem.

Also re the dci120, this is the one to go for. In the laguna is a pearl of an engine. I see its been tuned for more Torque than in the laguna, but the gearing is much lower.

One word of warning. That lovely huge sliding cubby box in the middle? Its an option at 200 quid extra on all scenics except top range privelege. Or it comes with an option pack combined with reversing sensors.

Re reliability, they have been on sale in France for some 5 months a bit of extra time to iron it out. Also a lot of the technology is carried over from the laguna which they appear (on personal experience) to have bottomed out.

Renault hands-free cards & Scenic Deux - Altea Ego
Oh and the "hands free" card? thats an option too (except on the top of range) all the others get the "have to plip it to open and stick it in the slot to start" card - still kool tho.
Renault hands-free cards & Scenic Deux - HectorG

Test drove a Scenic the other day. Agree with your comments about the gear change - very rubbery and probably due to cable linkage to keep noise levels down in the passenger compartment.

Also agree with your comments on the sound of the doors shutting - not up to VW quality.

I found the 1.9 DCi 120 a bit gutless, but it had only covered 200 miles and I am used to driving a VW GT TDi PD130.

Also I found the steering very odd. It almost has a self- centering feel like a Citroen CX I had many years ago, but not completely convincing.

On the positive side it is a very good package. It looks great, has fantastic flexibility, is very comfortable, has bold,futuristic features (I love the digital dash and automatic handbrake!)but would I buy one? I don't think so - I am still not convinced that its wonderful Frenchness outweighs the liklihood that it will be irritatingly unreliable.

Renault hands-free cards & Scenic Deux - Vagelis
"I am still not convinced that its wonderful Frenchness outweighs the liklihood that it will be irritatingly unreliable."


I think it's time "Frenchiness" and "unreliability" were disassociated. At least according to the Reliability Index:

Most French-made cars appear with an RI less than 100, which means better than average reliability.

Of course with the exception of the Citroen XM, which has an RI of 299 %-o

Renault hands-free cards & Scenic Deux - Altea Ego
Frankly despite being a satisfied Renault owning family for 6 years, I wouldnt get a new scenic 2 now either. Primary reason is that it fails the "been in production for more than a year" test. Renault or not, most brand new models from any manufacturer will be relatively more troublesome in the early production cycle. Reason 2 is that later in production cycle they thow in more features, previously extras, for free to keep the sales rolling.

When I am next in the market for cars, three years, I fully expect the Scenic Deux to be more reliable, and have better spec.
Renault hands-free cards & Scenic Deux - HectorG

I think it is very good advice to wait - probably at least a year. I was looking to replace an ancient Volvo estate with the Scenic as I saw the Renault as a useful but interesting and up to date alternative to the large estate car option.

However, my wife also wants to change our Golf GT TDi before the warranty expires! You may have seen my other post in the Honda Jazz suspension thread. We were so impressed with the Honda I think she has won. The Volvo will have to soldier on, which may be a good thing so I can revisit the Scenic in a year or two -although I am still not sure about the steering.


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