cancelled new car order - JimT
I have just found out today that I have been offered a job abroad. The only problem is I currently waiting for a new car to be delivered on the 25th. I've only paid a 'small' deposit and am now wondering what the legal implications are if I cancel the order so close to the delivery date?

Any advice, abuse, suggestions welcomed!
cancelled new car order - T Lucas
Ask the supplier,depends on the franchise and/or the desireability of the model you've ordered,most will just say,no probs,you just lose your deposit.
cancelled new car order - DavidHM
That's the most likely scenario.

The legal position is that they are highly unlikely (i.e., all but impossible but I'm not prepared to say that) to be able to force you to buy the car, although theoretically you could be liable income or other losses arising from your breach of contract.

However in practical terms they've got to mitigate their loss and that means that they will want to sell the car on as quickly as is practical at a fair market price. If it is a popular car or you got a big enough discount, you have nothing at all to worry about, and even if it's a Nissan Almera and you got a £2k, instead of a £3k, discount, the dealer is far more likely to want to spend its time selling cars than suing you.

In some cases they may even give your deposit back, although you can't really force them to do this.


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