Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - Mike200
I want to put some coutesy lights in the front footwells of my Rover 200. I want them to come on and go off with the doors opening and closing so i believe that I will have to tap in to the coutesy light cicuit, ideally near the fuse box to save an agro.

What I need to know is, what colour wires will i need, does anyone know?

Iv'e read that a purple and purple/grey are the two +ve on the MG ROVER.ORG website for the coutesy light circuit. Do I need two +ve (is one constant and one switched live)?

Any info would be greatly appreciated cause its something i've wanted to do for a long time, but i dont like hacking into wiring looms when im not sure what im doing!!

Thanks in advance.
Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - Altea Ego
Err If you put two positives onto a light/lamp you will get nothing or a blown fuse. Nill illumination tho. The curtesy light switch goes to earth when the door is opened. So you need to tap into a line thats live all the time and the other side of the lamp you tap into the door switch circuit
Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - Mike200
So one side of the lamp needs to be connected to a perm live in the courtesy light circuit, and the other to earth. TWo live would equal a zero potential drop and the light would not light. Is this correct??
Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - DL
Mike, you've got it mate.

I'd connect into the radio/cassette wiring (that's pretty central?) and tap into the courtesy light circuit wires near to the 'A' pillar using a Scotchlok (I can hear the sighs when I use that word, but I find them very useful!)
Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - Mike200

They're them little blue fellas you just snap shut aint they? I got them on my CD changer. Do you know what colour the courtesy light circuit wires are on this car? Are they purple?

Are you suggesting using the earth from the radio, as the couresy light circuit does not control this. This is controlled by the headlamps i think.
Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - DL
No, I meant taking the live feed from the radio (or, thinking about it, the cigarette lighter may be more accessible?) and using the switched earth wire to the drivers door pillar switch.

Yes, purple or purple/slate is the wire you need, from memory. Best to check for an earth connection as and when the door is opened using a multimeter.
Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - Mike200
What if I want them to fade in and out like the interior light. Do I need to take a feed from the MFU??

Having said that, the other way is simpler and simple leads to less problems, so live from ciggie lighter and earth from door switch.

I didnt realise the earth was the switched line.

Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - Cyd
No, don't take afeed from the mfu - you may overload it (I tried uprating the bulbs in my Rover 800 interior lights and it confused the whole locking system!!).
Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - NeilCaldwell
I wouldn't take a live feed from the cigarette lighter as these are (usually) live only on ignition. Prob. best sticking to the Perm. live from the radio say.
Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - BobbyG
Why do you want to light up the footwell?
Footwell lights in a Rover 200 - Mike200
Iv'e done it, I now have illuminated footwells (R 200 Mk III)!!

If anyone else wants to do it, I mounted the lights in the side of the centre consol (I used 2 lights from the rear doors of a MkII 800). I then found the supply and return to the interior light in the form of a plug and socket behind the headlamp adjust switch (Purple and Purple/red wires). I connected my new wires using scotch connectors (recommended by DL). The lights now come on when the doors are unlocked or opened, and go out after time out, when the dorrs are locked / shut and when the engine is started, and they fade in and out!!!

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