Master Red Key On Honda 1.8VTI - Jason Clark
This has probably been posted a few time here..but here we go again :)

Bought a car from independent garage and at time of sale was told they only had one set of keys (2 black ones only). I thought nothing of it until I read the car manuals when I got home and discovered I need a master red key!

This why the car was for sale for £4,395

In the book is says, "Bring along your red master key when you get your car serviced."

A couple of questions:

1) Is this garage legally repsonsible for supplying the master key? Heard from a friend who has a Honda Accord bought from a LexAuto that they 'coughed up' a master key when it was not sold with one.

Anything I can do?

2) What exactly is the key needed for when it's being serviced? The most they do on a basic service is change the oil?

3) Was told by Honda dealer locally that it will cost approx £120 + VAT for the key, plus fitting??? I must have missed that bit on the phone. Fitting?

A way to get one cheaper that works okay?


Jason Clark
Master Red Key On Honda 1.8VTI - tsr
I was in a similar situation when I bought a 1.6 VTi last year, it came with 1 black key!
The supplying dealer was not interested in helping so I sent the key to who copied it for about £30.

Haven't run into any problems yet without a red key, Honda didn't ask for it during it's major service.


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