Gearbox problem 1.6 8v Clio - AJB
I have had this car from new (99 'T') and have clocked up 30K miles. It has been serviced etc by our local main dealer.

I am having problems with 2nd gear - basically if I change gear very slowly, everything is fine. However, if I attempt a 'racing start'(!!), I end up crunching into second. Changing down doesn't seem to be so much of a problem.

The last time this happened, I had the gear box oil changed and this seems to cure the problem temporarily.

Has anyone else had similar problems?


Gearbox problem 1.6 8v Clio - Aprilia
This is a classic symptom of weak synchromesh. presumably it is worse when cold, better when hot?

You could try a different oil. I don't what your standard oil is, but Redline Oil do a range of mildly friction-modified gear oils to improve shifting.

Other than that, its a gearbox strip and repair.
Gearbox problem 1.6 8v Clio - AJB
Thanks for that. It doesn't seem to make any difference whether the engine is cold or hot.

Hopefully it's nothing major - it's booked in for an oil change later in the week, and I hope that resolves it. Other than that, I had better start saving.......



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