Private Reg Query - Miller
I am selling my car which has a private plate. Obviously I will remove this and (hopefully) replace it with the original reg as I still have the old no plates.

Could anyone advise me of the cost to do this through the DVLA and if any/what forms need to be filled in. I would normally try and find out myself but Ive had a hard day!

Thanks in advance for any replies! ;-)

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Private Reg Query - paulb {P}

Presume you're putting the private no. on retention until such time as you want to put it on a new vehicle?

I did this last year. It costs £105, which is £80 for the transfer and £25 for one year's retention certificate. Quite a lot in one go, but when you move it off retention onto a car again, you have already paid the transfer fee, so you don't have to pay again. This came as a pleasant surprise.

As for forms, you need form V778/1 Retention Application, which can be got from local DVLA office or Swansea. Not local PO, unfortunately.

You may find this link helpful:


Private Reg Query - paulb {P}
Sorry, forgot to add - your old car *should* get its original number back - they send you a letter telling you what number to put on it & IME it is almost always the original one.

Private Reg Query - bugged {P}
i can confim all the above, i did all this not so long ago, and yes it was the original plate i got back!
Private Reg Query - scruffythedog118
this doesn't always apply, my sisters boyfriend has a Toyota MR2 which had its full reg. L*** ABC etched in to the windows, he then applied his own personal reg but decided to transfer this number when he bought a bike, the number given to put on the MR2 is completely different but obviously still an L reg.


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