Daewoo Leganza Parts - electron
Why are parts for the Leganza so ridiculously expensive if supplied by a Daewoo outlet?
Example 1. Catalytic convertor supplied and fitted by Daewoo garage £560.00. Same thing supplied and fitted by local garage with 2 year warranty £180.00
Example 2. Cam belt and tensioner from Daewoo garage £260.00,
Supplied and fitted by local garage £160.00, parts bought from motor factor £70.00 including VAT.
Example 3. Air conditioning condenser and cooler, £600+ quoted by Daewoo garage, repair by specialist air con repairer, job complete including free check to determine the cause of the problem £360.00, this includes 3 year warranty on parts.
Most of the parts for the 2 litre engine are cheaper if GM branded parts are used rather than Daewoo branded parts.
Anyone had the same experiences?


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