Mercedes in Manchester - ajit
For the past 28 years, my relatives have been driving a Mercedes and getting them serviced at Portmann in the city center. They never bought their cars from them better deals were got from purchasing in Nottingham. However Portmann used to service and look after the car. My folks would go and buy another Merc without hesitation. Recently Mercedes stripped the dealership off Portmann and moved to a “questionable” area near the Commonwealth Games stadium. In addition to accessibility, the service is appalling, you cannot get to anyone on the phone. When we went to collect a car from a service, it was difficult to find a satisfied customer in the waiting room. Their son has an X5 which is serviced by Williams who located in the city centre. Their service is exemplary. As a result, they will be switching to BMW’s over time. Mercedes have lost a lot of customer capital and dealer goodwill by his change. You no longer deal with a friendly family business but a faceless company. Shame – the cars are really good.

Mercedes in Manchester - Mark (RLBS)
You'd do better writing to Mercedes and telling them.
Mercedes in Manchester - Marcos{P}
I have the same problem with my dealer. They were great untill Mercedes messed about and gave the dealership to one of their 'special' dealers, they are now fairly useless and for the first time in 6yrs I am considering a move to another marque.
I am still compiling a letter to Mercedes about this but it haas taken 4 months so far. This has jogged my memory so I may get the letter done today.
Mercedes in Manchester - Wrighty
Portman Mercedes were actually owned by Pendragon PLC (Currently the largest dealer group in the UK) so the business may have been friendly but just as faceless as the new MB ownership.

I do agree though that MB have alienated a lot of their established clientele with heavy handed dealer territory reorganisation. Changes that were meant to improve the relatonship with customers!

Just goes to show, manufacturers should make the cars, dealers (groups) should sell them.
Mercedes in Manchester - Aprilia
From what I heard a lot of the 'reorganisation' was about 'vertical integration' and giving MB more control over the brand. A couple of years back they got very worried about EU Competition Law and the changes to Block Exemption. There were a *lot* of very unhappy dealers.
Mercedes in Manchester - Stargazer {P}
I think there may be more to this than meets the eye....Pendragon also ran the only Volvo dealer in Bristol area (nearest alternatives were Reading, S. Wales or Taunton). Pendragon closed up shop. 9 months later another company is opening up a Volvo dealership in bristol.

Perhaps Pendragon are shifting their core business?

Ian L.


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