Advice required on buying a StiloJTD115 - Nemesis
Hi, can anyone help me, I am seriously cosidering buying a new Fiat Stilo JTD 115 Dynamic at well below market price (£8,800 + VAT). I have concerns over Fiats future, service reputation and the cars residual value. Given that I may be buying this car at well below market price is there any need to be cautious?
Advice required on buying a StiloJTD115 - lordwoody
From previous experience you'll be inundated with posts
heavily criticising Fiat and advising against. I've owned numerous Fiats, most recently a Punto HGT, and have only ever had one toublesome one, and that some time ago. I think their reputation for unreliability is somewhat undeserved but the general opinion is the main dealers are not too good and, whatever you pay for it, you will lose more money than with a lot of other cars.
Advice required on buying a StiloJTD115 - DavidHM
Personally I think you should be concerned.

You're certainly paying well below the list price, which is what the dealers charge in their wildest dreams to naïve little old ladies. (Unfortunately anyone naïve enough to pay list price for a Stilo would have been robbed of all their money long before old age, but I digress).

Depreciation on these cars is a nightmare, at least at near list prices. Motorpoint have 1.6 Dynamics, one year old, for £6799. If they had the diesel, it would be under £8k. Even after a £3k discount on list, that's a £2.5k first year loss plus a bit more down to trade price - £8800 + VAT is £10340.

Make sure that price includes tax, first registration fee, etc.; I think you're getting about a grand off what you would normally expect to pay for a car like this.

That's average depreciation for a car in this class - but as you have concerns about the car's reliability, service and support, you should probably look elsewhere, not because the car is too expensive as much as the fact that you're obviously not happy with it and the low price is likely to be reflected in depreciation in the future anyway.
Advice required on buying a StiloJTD115 - Vansboy
Stilo are begining to come through in larger numbers, now, within Fiats own fleet disposals, at auction.

They represent very good savings against new prices-the Motorpoint price is about £1000 more than you'd pay at auction.

Not so many diesels, though, average amount paid for 12 months old, at BritishCarAuctions, is just under £6800.

There was a post a week or two back, with a few moans about Stilo. But nothing REALLY bad.

If you're looking long term ownership, compare it to what you'd pay for a Golf, new & guesstimate the re-sale values on each.The Fiat might actually look more tempting, depending on how you're financing it.The dealer has some interest free options up his sleeve, I think you'll find.

Don't forget to take a looooooooooooong test drive first!!

Advice required on buying a StiloJTD115 - Nemesis
Well thanks for all your advice, after much deliberation I have decided to buy myself a nearly new (<2,500 Miles) Seat Leon TDI 110 SE for less than £11k. I think that will serve me very well!
Advice required on buying a StiloJTD115 - RB
Phew! I think you did the right thing there. Mind you, I'm biased - I've got a Toledo TDI SE.
Advice required on buying a StiloJTD115 - bradgate
I'm sure HJ would endorse that as a wise decision.....
Advice required on buying a StiloJTD115 - Captain Alex Zippy O' Toole
Good choice, the Leon is a great little car and the 110bhp diesel has plenty of power for the job.

The ones I've been in are just as well built as Golfs, and they look better IMO too.

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