Safety Warning - cabsmanuk
I almost feel embarrassed to admit this but if anyone else has done the same it may save a nasty accident.

I recently took delivery of one of Germany's finest people carriers and because I like to keep the seats clean in the hope of getting a better resale price I fitted it out with removeable seat covers.

Also because it is my second Sharan I didn't look round it too closely or read too much of the manual. However in a moment of boredom I started flicking through the manual and yes, you've guessed it, I had covered the2 airbags in the front seats with seat covers. Needless to say they have now been stripped off.
Safety Warning - Dan J
Blimey - damn good point cabsmanuk, thank you.

Mother was off to buy seat covers for her new Mondeo tomorrow and thanks to you she won't be now!

I don't recall ever seeing any warnings or suchlike where seat covers are sold - Halfords/Argos etc? Could end up with a nasty accident and legal issues perhaps?
Safety Warning - Seat Coverings - Chas{P}
I have just re-written an article regarding this aimed at independent repairers on behalf of a major VM.

I have also highlighted that there is also a risk using temporary seat protection kits on roadtests that technicians use. Maybe disposable overalls will have to be used in the future.

Safety Warning - Vagelis
You can get these seat covers that only cover the center-part of the seat. They don't get in the way of side airbags and protect that part of the seat that needs it the most.

Safety Warning - CMark {P}
Cabsmanuk, It is funny you should mention this issue of seat covers and side airbags as only yesterday I was appraising a late model car with faux-leather seat covers and I had a look to see if the owner had unintentionally covered up the side airbags (he hadn't - there weren't any fitted).
PS please kindly have a look over on Technical at one of your old threads - "running out of oil". I'd be interested to know how it finally ended.

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