Golf Airbag - Mart
I've got a Golf GTI Mk 4, last week the AirBag warning light came on at start up as usual but didn't go off. I've been to VW who did a diagnostic check which showed a sporadic fault in the drivers seat airbag. The guy who did the check said it is probably the connector under the seat making a dodgy connection, give a week and see what happens.
A week later the warning light is still on. I was going to remove the seat and check the connection but was worried about the airbag going off. Has anyone done this, had this problem or got any ideas of how to go about it?

Golf Airbag - martin
disconect your battery and the airbag cannot go off, however it may be tricky to test the current without electric. I would suggest getting VW or a good garage to do this, air bags can be real tricky and dangerous, also expensive to reset if they have blown out.

what about an auto electrician?
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disconect your battery and the airbag cannot go off.....

Isn\'t there a capacitor in the circuitry that still stores power for a while even when the battery has been disconnected? Best to disconnect the battery the evening before, and then attempt the repair the next day.
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When I had the airbag warning light come on on my Passat, my VW garage investigated and said that the diagnostics indicated that the passenger side airbag was faulty. When I queried the possibility of a dodgy connection, they assured me that had been checked and that the airbag was faulty. A lot of money therefore changed hands, unusually quickly for me, as they also pointed out that when the airbag warning light was on, the entire airbag control system (covering all 4 front and side bags) was inoperative...
Golf Airbag - Mart
Thanks for the advice chaps. I think I'll give the dealer a call and see what the price will be for them to check.
Golf Airbag - bertj
Obvious point, but do you still have any sort of warranty on the car?
I'd check the prices with various VW dealers - they can vary considerably.
Golf Airbag - martin
the light on my TDI Passat has been on for about a yr now, to be honest i am not that bothered about getting it fixed as it is only me who drives (if i had kids then sure). VW told me that it is normally an electronics problem such as faulty connection, sensor etc. The air bag is commanded to disengage at the slightest prob to avoid unintentional detination.

If you want to get it fixed, you might be looking at a couple of hrs at VW for the job, get a quote before hand.

good luck!
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A word of warning, insurance companies may reduce pay out on thier polices after an accident if air bags are not maintained,just as they do with poorly maintained cars ie bald tyres and such like.

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