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new bwm 3 - Andy Bairsto
I had to take my car to the main agents today the boot would not open .while waiting I test drove the the latest bmw330d not due in the uk till next year.What a motor you could not fault it .If only I had the money
Re: new bwm 3 - Dave
I thought the 330d was available now?

Re: new bwm 3 - Andy Bairsto
yes but there is now a new body shape the front end has the closed in lights like the new other differences
Re: new bwm 3 - Keith Bassett
Engine & transmission are unchanged on the 330d. Steering and suspension were tightened up on all 3 series from about April, I believe, to produce a more sporting response. New bonnet/lights apply from 1/9/2001 but presumably anyone ordering a 330d now wouldn't get their car until 2002.

I bought one in Holland last January and absolutely love it. I wouldn't have paid the UK price though as UK supplied BMW diesels are even more overpriced than petrol versions. Hence, bigger savings on diesels if you import. Mine took 8 months from order to arrival at the Dutch dealer.
Re: new bmw 3 - Ben
I've had one since start of Sept. Great car. Great dealership - Bateman BMW in Lindale, Lake district - Wouldn't save money by going abroad - don't get same dealer relationship which is worth £000's.

Better than 325.

Oh yes it is.

Nearly better than 330.
Re: new bmw 3 - Keith Bassett
I saved just over £5000 by buying in Holland which I think is well worth it. (Saving was £7000 when I ordered but UK spec was improved and price reduced by £250 on 1/9/2000). My car hasn't had any faults so hasn't been into my local dealer but I visited them to check warranty docs etc. were in order. They were not at all bothered by it being an import and said 'any problems, just let us know'. I have no doubt that the service I receive in the future will be the same as if I had bought the car there. Certainly, I was treated very well.

The 'special relationship' with the sales people (who, of course, don't like imports) has nothing to do with the service dept. who quite rightly don't care where the car came from.
Re: new bwm 3 - Basil Brush
Bwm Bwm
Re: new bwm 3 - Andy Bairsto
I wondered when somebody would notice the mistake I made

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