Stale odour from climate control - andymc {P}
A slight glitch has appeared in my Leon TDi. When I switch the car on, the climate control starts up and blows air out of the vents as normal, but for the first few seconds the air smells very stale, almost like old socks (yum). It clears very quickly and doesn't return until I start the car again after it's been idle for a while. I left it with the dealer to sort that plus a squeak from the brake pedal, but although the squeak is sorted, the smell with the aircon is still there. Before I go back, I'd like to hear any opinions on what it could be. I'm wondering could anything (stray leaf?) have somehow got into the pipes, or if the filter might simply need changing. BTW, I always have the system switched on, to avoid the potential (lubrication?) problem of leaving it off for long periods. That includes running it on cold for a few minutes at least once a week in winter. It's still just as good at blasting ice-cold air into the car on a hot day as it always has been. Any ideas?
Stale odour from climate control - Dave N
Take a look at
Stale odour from climate control - biggdigit
a known problem with air con,bacteria in or on condenser,smell can become worse as they multiply over time,an air con sevice should cure it.
Stale odour from climate control - Billy Whizz
Andy, a forum search on this site will pick up lots of good advice. ATB, BW.
PS I think your "First fill of biodiesel" thread is one of the most interesting in the BR.
Stale odour from climate control - andymc {P}
Thanks for the suggestions, folks, I'll make sure to mention it at the next service, due in just 700 miles (ie next week sometime), and I promise to report back any outcome. I guess the bacteria is the most likely possibility as I often have the air on recirculate when in traffic - having asthma means the fumes coming in from outside air can be a trial. So I guess that means that it probably has to deal with more moisture than average.

PS - thanks very much Billy! Didn't get your two acronyms, but it is after midnight and I am feeling a bit thick. If you're interested in using biodiesel yourself, any experience or questions are welcome on the biodiesel thread - it all adds to the knowledge.
Stale odour from climate control - ajit
Try turning on full heat for 10 min and then ull cold. Should kill the bacteria
Stale odour from climate control - SpamCan61 {P}
AA service centres do a 'duct clean' for 40 quid; which may or may not be more effective than ajit's far cheaper remedy. I'll be trying out their 75 quid regas shortly.
Stale odour from climate control - prelude
Halfords have been selling off an aerosol treatment for this for a few pounds. Full price is only around10. It works and is a diy job - takes 10 mins max. just do as it says on the tin. The service will charge you the earth. certainly not justification for a recharge.
Stale odour from climate control - Godfrey H {P}
Recharge won't fix this problem. My air-con specialist recommends the aerosol fix. How long is it since your air-con was serviced though? A recharge will save you some expensive bills later if it hasn't had one for 3 years. BTW don't ask a regular dealer to do it contact an air-con specialist. Most dealers would just subcontract the work and shove on a mark-up for themselves. Save yourself some money and go direct.

/Cynical mode: I wonder what the AA do for their £40 duct cleanup? Could be a very expensive can of aerosol? /Cynical mode
Stale odour from climate control - andymc {P}
Just following up on this one as the car was in for a service today - the service manager double-checked with Seat tech services (or whatever their proper name is) & said it's definitely bacteria-related. Happily, rather than trying to push an unnecessary aircon service, he suggested that "an aftermarket spray would be your cheapest option - there's no point in us charging you labour just to spray something into the airvent". Not for the first time, this dealer has been helpful & honest - a very refreshing change from usual experience. When the guy himself doesn't know the answer to something, he takes the trouble to find out. Another reason to hold onto the Leon, I think!
He also mentioned that I might want to replace all four tyres - after 28500 miles on the originals, a truer word was never spoken. I'll try to get hold of the stuff for the aircon next week (can't do it over the weekend as I will be in Spain for 3 days - life is hard, but I cope) and report back on the outcome - God gave me ten wonderful thumbs, so I'll probably end up squirting the stuff in my eye before getting it right.


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