bmw - ma$e
i have a bmw compact, 1996, SE spec.

i want to lower the car, it has 17\" alloys on with 215/40/17 Avons.
i have seen various suspension kits, from the likes of H&R, Eibach, Avo, Cobra, Apex and PI.

The question is many suspension companies offer springs which lower the car more at the front than at the back - for example Cobra offer a sring kit which lowers the front by 50mm and the back by 30mm, i was speaking to a freind and he said this would mess the whole ride up completley, is it better to get a srpring kit which lowers evenly all round or does it not make much difference.

The reason i want to lower it more at the front is just as all E36\'s the front arch is placed higher than the back arch which i am worried if i lower evenly all round may look a little silly???

any help appreciated.


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