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Site Adverts and Pop-ups - Mark (RLBS)
There has been much discussion about the site advertisments and pop-ups.

To summarise our position;

This is a \"free to use\" site which makes no charge for use of its resources. We strive to make the Backroom, which is only one part of the site, as useful and enjoyable as possible.

The greater part of the site holds a lot of useful and valuable information around motoring - whether this is things such as the Car by Car breakdown, Buying/Selling Cars and Road Tests and much more or things such as the useful website list. If you haven\'t explored the rest of the site, then I encourage you to do so.

This all takes a great deal of people\'s time, in particular HJ\'s. It also takes a fair amount of money.

There are people who either do their work for free or at greatly reduced rates. People such as Stephen, Dave, Me and HJ himself.

Adverts and pop-ups provide a source of revenue. There is no profit at this time, and every piece of revenue keeps this site alive and functioning.

We need the adverts to survive. Not to make money, merely to survive. We remain as impartial as possible, partly for the good of the site and partly to protect HJ\'s name - which, as I am sure you will realise, is valuable both to him and to the site.

Consequently, if you have a technical problem caused by one of the adverts, then advise me ASAP and we\'ll look into it.

However, if you simply don\'t like the advert, get over it and don\'t bother mentioning it in here. If you feel you have something to say about the advert which needs saying then you have the following e-mail addresses;

In e-mail we\'ll listen and take on-board your comments.

Everytime you click on an advert revenue, albeit very small, is generated. That revenue does not, at this time, cover the full costs of running this site.

You have a free and, in my opinion, very worthwhile site. Adverts seem a very small price to pay.

Conversely, we do appreciate that we are amazingly lucky in the \"quality\" of participant we have. Without you, who are knowledgeable on so many different subjects and willing to put significant effort into sharing that knowledge, the Backroom would not be what it is, and we all are both appreciative and proud of that fact.

And that, I feel, is enough conversation on the subject.

Please don\'t try and have further conversation on this, whether it is supportive or not. We all know the position and there really isn\'t much more to say.

In order to remain even-handed, then I shall delete *all* discussion on the subject of advertising and associated topics, whatever standpoint it takes. I will weed out notes, comments and/or threads which I find not to be supportive or are possibly hindering our progress, or even those that are potentially so.

But I do assure you that we all, HJ, Stephen, Dave and myself, read *all* e-mail we receive and any comments you wish to make in that forum will be listened to.

I have not write-locked this thread, trusting that it is not neccessary and that you will read this note in the spirit I intend it.

I hope that covers it,



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