Escort cold start problem - Donny
My 1998 1600cc Ford Escort Zetec regularly revs at between 1800-2000 on cold start. Driving before the revs drop to idling (3-4 minutes) is unwise, as revs become very erratic. After a diagnostic check (£96), the main dealer advised that the remedy was a new PCU at £453, but that no engine harm would result if not done. Does this sound correct? Am worried about engine wear, both on the initial high revs and the delay before driving off. Would value any advice. Also is here an alternative to the main dealer fitting a PCU.
Escort cold start problem - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Donny,

Presume you mean ECU (Electronic Control Unit) not PCU. This sounds very extreme to me. Strongly suggest you get a second opinion here,as fault could be with Idle Speed Control Valve - a very common problem and a lot cheaper. You need to find an independant tuning/diagnostic expert - ask friends for recommendations and look in Yellow Pages under Car Engine Tuning.

Regards, Adam
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Escort cold start problem - Donny
Thanks Adam. I will give it a try and let you know how I get on



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