Wat else will diesel engines fun off? - Paul Whitehead

My cousin runs his early 70's {no road tax} land rover diesel on used engine oil collected by his mate at the local waste disposal site.

Uses proper diesel too sometimes.

Bad for the environment, but good for his pocket?

It tends to run on a bit though, and a little messy filtering the old oil too.

Do you foresee any long term probs?

Re: Wat else will diesel engines fun off? - Cliff Pope
Yes, lots. People I know use cooking oil in bulk from a cash and carry, or else central heating oil. Probably illegal.
Cliff Pope
Re: Wat else will diesel engines fun off? - Andy Bairsto
They certainly do run on cooking oil,my xm runs on a mixture of cooking oil bought in bulk and polish bio diesel and a little heating oil ,in winter we put the addative in .Quite legal in the EU (not the heating oil)Most German petrol stations now sell bio diesel at a much reduced price it is only rape seed oil plus anti sludging chemicals.My xm has now covered 120000km without any problem at all.My father land rover did over 250000miles on heating oil no problem.Go to petrol station when you have diesel you must be daft
How much more can it take? - David Woollard

You're an absolute nightmare! £3/gallon oil and now second hand oil for a poor old Land Rover. Whatever next?

In the waste disposal site oil there will be, coolant, brake fluid, collected degreaser from engine washdowns, gear oil, atf fluid, LHM hydraulic oil.......oh it's making me feel bad thinking about it.

I speak from experience that the parts alone to do a decent rebuild on a 2.25 LR diesel are about £675. And that is where the one you mention is heading. The sort of treatment you refer to is why many Land Rovers need a recon engine at about 75,000 miles then the subsequent abuse causes them to fail in another 20,000 miles. Thing is people don't notice because they change hands so often and only do about 3000 a year.

I will not argue the case with you Montego but it is so far away from my experience that dirty oil/cheap oil/infrequent changes/low levels will kill an engine in no time.

So come on persuade your mate to buy new diesel oil at £10/gallon and change it at 3000 mile or 3 month intervals.......... Actually perhaps it's too late already.

Re: How much more can it take? - David Woollard
Now I see Cliff's post there may be doubt just which end this "tip oil" is going in so my post could be a bit off the mark. But the overall principle applies.

Re: What else will diesel engines fun off? - John Slaughter
I'd agree with Cliff. Running on non taxed fuel is of doubtful legality.

The biggest issue is going to be contamination, and its effects on the vehicle. Not only will the oil be a mixture of engine and transmission oils, but also god alone knows what else. It's all used oil, so full of contaminants, most of which will wear and corrode the fuel pump.

There is no way you can do a DIY job of filtering used oil to a sufficient standard, and filtering won't remove the acidic components. I suspect this is a rather short sighted economy measure.


Re: What else will diesel engines fun off? - Michael
is this for real?
Re: What else will diesel engines fun off? - mr smith
now zippo lighters, they will run on anything...

fill them up from any old oily jerrycan and theyll keep on working

ideal for lighting a warming bonfire on the cold nights when youre out protesting about speed cameras?
Re: What else will diesel engines fun off? - David Woollard
Paul's wackier posts are a little challenging to the "average" motorist. I will trust he's on the level 'till we hear his mate has a pink Chieftan Tank!

Re: What else will diesel engines fun off? - Alex. L. Dick
Seriously, the Army used to have - may still have - some vehicles which ran on just about anything flammable and reasonably fluid, in the interests of living off the land, as it were.

I take it this salvaged stuff is intended for fuel, and not lubrication which will want even more care, perhaps.

I have no qbjection to Land Rovers being expended in the interests of research!

Cheers, Alex
Re: What else will diesel engines fun off? - Alex. L. Dick
Correction, "objection". A result of the Hunt and Peck typing method!
The everlasting Land Rover. - David Woollard
I was just worrying about the cost of an engine rebuild really. Land Rovers never get totally expended, we just do them up for another 20/30/40/?? years life. The ultimate classic.

After all most of the Land Rovers ever made are still on the road. They are , I guess, about the only vehicle that you can keep for your whole life. I have a 40yr old one here waiting for another 20+yrs to be added and a 20yr old one that might go another 40yrs.

Our girls (4 & 6) want one each for when they start to drive. Guess they will be running on old cooking oil by then.

Re: What else will diesel engines fun off? - Ash Phillips
I gather engines used for desert rallies are designed along the same principles, but they use sophisticated engine management to maximise power o/p. I read of a rover v8 that would run on anything from watered down diesel right upto pure alcohol. They had to do this as the local petrol which sometimes had to be used in emergencies on the Dakar is more akin to rubbing liniment than anything we would know as a vehicle fuel. They were/are(?) all hand built specials, mind.
Re: Wat else will diesel engines fun off? - woboz
They run on cooking oil too, I believe?
Re: What else will diesel engines fun off? - Paul Whitehead
Actually I use to make Chieftan Tanks, but we only did them in MoD green or desert camouflage.

You can buy army surplus ones, but I've never seen a pink on.

'Honest' Paul
Re: Wat else will diesel engines fun off? - Michael
cooking oil, bio diesel and central heating oil i understand. it was the used engine oil that worried me.
Re: Wat else will diesel engines fun off? - Bill Doodson

I made a post on an earlier thread that included my wisdom on large marine diesel engines. When we did an oil change on these (30,000 litres) we only dosed the old oil back at a very slow rate into the main engine fuel oil after it had been well centrifuged (filtered at 1500 g). If we put too much in the engines didnt run well at all and would b*****r up injectors and pumps in short order. Lube oil has a very high flash point and also has lots of additives that create ash and other nasties that will help to burn out valves and seats etc. Good luck to your mate!

Multifuel engines - David Lacey
Most military vehicles have the capability to run on a variety of fuels - the are no filling stations open at the front line!
A friend has an American personell carrier and that is capable of running on a variety of fuels. I'm not sure of the legality of doing this in peace time, though.


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