Primera\'s Air Con - Carl
Quick question for Dave N, and others too

I have just noticed a water leak, with water dripping onto the steering rack. I could not see where it was coming from, and on removing the fuel filter housing (diesel model), have found water dripping from a small plastic stub pipe passing through the bulkhead

The water is clear and is not coolant, and I therefore assume it to be condensate from the air condtioning.

I am right in assuming that this is an overfill from the ventilation plenum chamber, and it is dripping because the main drain is blocked ???

I have removed the ventilation fan and pollen filter, and the inside of the ductwork is dry as a bone, but the stub falls after the evaporator and I can\'t get to it.

Condenstate usually drips from about the position of the middle of the dashboard under the car, and I assume there is an outlet there. Is it just a question of poking a piece of wire through the outlet until it is clear ???
Primera's Air Con - Aprilia
The small stub pipe you refer to *is* the air-con condensate drain. It sounds as if everything is OK.
Primera's Air Con - Carl
My concern is that water used to drip from under the car, whereas now it is dripping out the stub and onto the steering rack instead/as well
Primera's Air Con - DL
If the car isn't filling up with water then I'd not worry about it Carl. Sounds normal to me.
Primera's Air Con - Carl
Aprilia, you are correct, I swear that there is a lower drain which I noted whilst changing the oil, however I have just been under the car and stand corrected, the stub is the condensate outlet.

Moral of the story, stop worrying and keep on driving !!!

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