Carlton Diplomat 1993 - Golin
I have no fan heater working which also means no AC either. I have checked the switch control and seems to be ok. According to the Haynes manual I can gain access to the motor through the bulkhead after removing the windscreen wipers etc but I cannot see how anybody with any ideas or anyone ever had the same problem. I would appreciate any help Thanks!
Carlton Diplomat 1993 - Mike200
You haven't mentioned if you have checked the fuse? I assume you have.

Does the A/C light come on? If it does, possibly the motor, if not, could be the fuse. Have you checked the relevant eaarth connection?
Carlton Diplomat 1993 - Golin
Yes Mike checked the fuse its ok. Also the AC light comes on just the fan doesn't kick in. As for checking the earth I can only gain access to the wires behind the switch on the dash. the problem I'm having is gain access to the other end at the motor the Haynes manual doesn't seem to tally with the diplomat. I can't figure out how to get to it?
Carlton Diplomat 1993 - Dynamic Dave
Does the fan heater motor only work on the highest speed, or not at all? If the former, then it's the resistor pack that's gone. On the Cavalier it's situated near the motor, but not sure if in the same place on the Carlton. Easily replaced if it has gone.

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