Pros and cons for new Polo 1.4 TD wanted - alan kearn
I am thinking of buying a new Polo 1.4 turbo diesel. I have read motoring magazine reports on the car but after recently reading the bad reliabilty report on the newspapers i wondered if any of the forum viewers could let me know of the good and the bad points of this car before i dip into my pocket
Pros and cons for new Polo 1.4 TD wanted - DavidHM
If you mean the Which? survey, there is a very good reason why VWs, Audis, Seats and Skodas in the 0-3 year old category break down more than other cars.

It's because of the ignition coil pack problems that have affected petrol cars, mainly with the 1.8 turbo engine. I may be wrong, but I bet that if you took that out of the equation, you'd find that VW are no worse than most other manufacturers.

Oh and have a look at the prices on Compared to your local dealer, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Pros and cons for new Polo 1.4 TD wanted - Dr Rubber
I drive a polo SDI normally, and have driven a 1.4 TDI when my car is serviced. Compared to my 1.9 SDI, the 1.4 TDI drives more like a petrol (quicker accelaration, but you loose some of the torque advantages of a larger diesel). Economy was good though.

Compared to my 2001MY polo, the new interior and rear space is better, but I hate the cup holder! I can't comment on reliability, but my polo has had a new gearbox (I don't think the dealer could be bothered to fix what was really wrong) and drivers airbag under warranty.

Hope this helps

Pros and cons for new Polo 1.4 TD wanted - daveyjp
I've been running an A2 with the 1.4 TDi engine for 6 months. It's an excellent motor with plenty of torque and cruises at well in excess of legal motorway speeds with no trouble, even with a full load of passengers. It also has an interesting sound due to the three cylinders. Servicing intervals are 20-30,000 miles if variable servicing applies to the Polo - I get 45 mpg round town almost 60 on a good run.

Only trouble is a 'booming' from the EGR valve which can now be fixed - this may not be an issue on other models fitted with this engine as it's caused by a resonance through the A2's aluminium body.
Pros and cons for new Polo 1.4 TD wanted - Spunky
I am sometimes allowed to drive my girlfriends Polo 1.4 TDi. The engine is great, overtaking is easy and acceleration plentiful enough. My only criticism is lack of poke when in 5th at motorway speeds and you just want to pick it up abit to overtake or whatever you might want to do.

I am dissapointed by the build quality of the interior however. As mentioned above the cup holder is pants, and keeps on getting stuck in the dash. The Dash lights have failed and there is just a general feeling of a quality below what you'd expect from VW.

Oh and my girlfriends polo has one of those tanks that cuts off the fuel every 2 seconds if the flow is above a dribble or you get nothing if the nozzle is held at slightly the wrong angle. Infact, does anybody know if there is anything you can do about that?
Pros and cons for new Polo 1.4 TD wanted - sean
Please work out the total costs of your purchase. The conclusion is easy.

1. Depreciation. The biggest cost
2. Fuel
3. Servicing

The little TDi will not be here forever. No money in making it.

Cambelt vs chain. What would you design in a 75bhp engine when one robs power and one doesn't?

Why do you want 4 cyls when 3 can do more?

Ask DD, the expert, about Corsa 3-cyl 1.2 vs 4 cyl.

No contest, really.
Pros and cons for new Polo 1.4 TD wanted - JohnM{P}
I've driven 3 new courtesy car Polos over many miles; a base 1.2, a 1.4Tdi and a petrol SE (cannot remember which, exactly). I was very impressed, even with the base one, though my many miles were mostly on motorway where lack of power was less of a problem. The TDi was excellent. Only thing I didn't like was a lot of road noise at speed on all 3.
Pros and cons for new Polo 1.4 TD wanted - Dan J
I have to disagree to a point regarding the ignition coils. Whilst this has affected VWs reliability figures they are still suffering from build quality problems, reliability issues and an appalling dealer network. When I say VW I mean specifically VW - not Skoda, SEAT and Audi. I hope they have learnt their lesson after getting their fingers burnt with the ignition coils - we'll see. Certainly right now they are trading more on image than anything else.

If you really want to buy a Polo I'd make damn sure your local dealer is up to scratch beforehand...
Pros and cons for new Polo 1.4 TD wanted - sb01372
I have had an Oct 2000 6N (Last Model) 1.4TDI 3 Door SE from new. Car has just done 72000 miles. I spend 95% of my time on Motorway at 60-70Mph, which is pretty fast for the M25 and usually get 630 miles out of a 45lt. tank (£33). I have twice got 680 miles before my bottle went. The car would be very happy to spend all day at 80-90 mph and give 570 miles from a tank.
It is a fine motorway and open road car. Not quiet at home in the city.
I had a none start problem when the car was a few months old and VW rescue were called many times. It appeared to be a problem with Relay 109 which was under the dash by my right knee (Controls Fuel pump and Glow plugs) once I was shown this all I had to do if the Glowplug light failed to show was to push the relay in. I was going to do this until the car went for the first service.
Eventually the car ground to a halt and was recovered to the dealer for three days. I was told that they traced the problem to a faulty ECU that was sending the wrong signal to the relay causing it to open and close rapidly and vibrate out of it?s socket. The ECU was replaced. This cured the problem.

Now at 72K an outer shield around the rear silencer box has corroded through. I don?t know if this will be a problem on it?s first MOT in October.

Both front tyres were replaced at 30K due to punctures. Still on the original rears (Michelin).
Heater takes ages to heat up and in winter have to wear gloves and woolly hat consider Heated seats.
Never known a car to go through so many lightbulbs.

For the service record -
10000 03/01 £65
20000 07/01 £192
30000 12/01 £85
40000 05/02 £240 + (Change Filters)
50000 10/02 £140 + (Change Brake fluid)
60000 03/03 £900 + (Cam Belt change & Discs and Pads all round)
70000 07/03 £84
I think the PD engine should have special oil and have just noticed from bills that VW dealer has charged for 3 different oil types. Will take it up next service.
I would buy another car with this engine maybe an Audi A2 TDi

My wife bought a Yaris GLS at the same time and hated it.


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