Omega Elite - Cam Belt Service - isobella greene
Could someone please tell me the likely cost of cambelt change on 98 Vauxhall Omega Elite 3.0 (88k miles) in the hands of a local Vauxhall dealer ?

Many thanks in anticipation . . . .
Omega Elite - Cam Belt Service - robert
£300 or so. Its ESSENTIAL that you get the tensioners done as well. Exact price will vary according to local labour rate as most of the cost is time. Call the dealer and ask for a fixed price. :-))
Omega Elite - Cam Belt Service - Dynamic Dave
As your car is over 3 yrs old, see if there is a Masterfit local to your area. Same GM parts, same GM trained mechanics, but the labour rate and parts are generally cheaper.
Omega Elite - Cam Belt Service - Vin {P}
Cambelt plus full service and ATF oil change on 2.5V6 last year at an independent = 400.28.

If you want a Vauxhall dealer to do it, remember to phone a few in your area, as their prices will vary wildly.

Omega Elite - Cam Belt Service - PST
Just about to have mine done on a 3.0 three quotes in the South East from Main Dealers all round the £360 mark.

This is full belt, tensioners etc (I believe VX supply it as a complete kit)

A couple of independents I spoke to said it was quite a tricky/lengthy job and would be looking at low £300s.

Omega Elite - Cam Belt Service - PST
As a follow up to this I have just found out that I'm having my timing belt, tensioner etc replaced under warranty. The conversation was along the lines of, me: "Wasn't expecting to have to pay £400 so soon - why have VX dropped the recommended belt change interval from 80K to 40K"....

Dealer: "....well sir, when you bought he car you bought it expecting to have to change the belt at 80K - it's not your fault VX have changed the interval - when you book it in 'remind' me that there's a rattle from startup when cold - we'll do it under warranty"

A result as far as I'm concerned!

Omega Elite - Cam Belt Service - smokie
My little man charged me £325.49 for cambelt and a full service (except oil, thanks Kwik Fit) about 18 months ago on an Omega MV6.


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