Hyundai Getz - automaticallyuk
Has any one tried a Hyundai Getz ? The base model car gets a good review in what car, and it now comes with 5 year warranty, 3 years three servicing and 3 years RAC cover, all for £6995, before haggle. Guess you could get a few hundred £'s off that.

It looks OK, not a bread van by any means, and has the basic kit.. often missing from most budget cars from Ford and Vauxhall..


PAS, Steering height adjust, central locking, Dual airbags, ABS with EBD, electric windows, CD player and split fold rear seats.

Compared to a base 1.0 corsa or VW lupo, this appears to be a bargain. And if anything goes wrong it appears covered.

Could this be a good buy?

Hyundai Getz - Rob the Bus {P}
I'm a great believer in value over style (just take a look at my wardrobe if you don't believe me!) - if the Getz delivers all that over and above the 'branded' opposition then go for it!

I must admit that if I were ever fortunate enough to be able to afford a new car, then I'd look at the Korean/Japanese market above everything else.


Hyundai Getz - THe Growler
I've got quite a few Getz in my collection but the Stan version.
Hyundai Getz - TV Advert - Ian (Cape Town)
There is a great TV ad for the Getz, involving kung-fu fights, motorbikes, FBI etc. It was filmed about a block from my office, and was obviously for the international market as well as for SA. Is it flighted in Britain?


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