Audi 80 - test1234
I have an Audi 80, 1989, 2L, 4cyl, EFI, automatic.
The engine jitters, and shakes, revs are unstable and sometimes too low. It used to rev high in the morning before it drops and although it may stay below 900 it was still unstable. I do not know what to adjust. Luckily it doesnt die before close when you're parking at the lights. If anyone has come across anything like this before - please let me know via I have replaced all spark plugs, oil, oil filter but havent done the air filter as I dont know how. Let me know please - I need your help!!!. Another problem is a leak in the transmission fluid if anyone has encountered this - let me know. The transmission makes a slipping noise when changing gears (automatic). I appreciate your responses.
Audi 80 - Dynamic Dave
please let me know via

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Audi 80 - Malcolm_L
Sounds very much like ignition circuit - are the ignition leads the originals?

If they are I'd replace them as a matter of course, as well as the distributor cap and the rotor arm.

If they are new - check for tracking by running the car in the dark, you should be able to see any tracking - blip the throttle to rock the engine on its mounts,this should help open any cracks in the leads.

Where is the transmission fluid leading from?

Audi 80 - test1234
I appreciate all your advice. Most of this stuff I have never done before. I would replace the spark plug leads and others, new distributor cap and rotor. With cracks in the leads - you mean sparks?

With the transmissing - it drips off the transmission pan.
Again - thanks guys!
Audi 80 - IanW3
You could post this message on the UK Audifans website - in the "Forums", "Series 3: 80, 90, Coupe, Cabriolet" section. It would help if you knew the engine code (DS, DZ, NG, 7A ...) - usually found on the inside front cover of the service log book. And/or the type of injection system - Bosch K-Jetronic, Mono-jetronic ...

In general, these engines seem to suffer from air leaks into the inlet manifold through perished hoses. Also, the idle air valve may need to be cleaned (if fitted). Once these have been checked, it may be possible to adjust the idle speed, but the method depends on the fuel system/engine type.

Audi 80 - test1234
Thanks Ian
I dont have the service manual for the car - I bought this off a friend who didnt have it. Would the engine code and type of injection info located on the car somewhere?
And with the idle air valve - where can I find this - is that the same as the idle sensor? I appreciate your responses.
Audi 80 - test1234
Its a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel system
Audi 80 - IanW3
Sorry for the delay, it's taken me a little while to find the info.
The vehicle data sticker may usually be found behind the spare wheel - see .
I suspect that the engine code is 3A, in which case it has the KE-Motronic fuel system. It's possible that NZ cars are different to UK ones, in which case none of the following applies...
The idle stab. valve is a metal cylinder that plugs into the black ribbed hose by the throttle plate assembly. It should have a rubber pipe running to the underside of the inlet manifold. A good clean out in carburettor cleaner may do the trick.
The actual idle speed test and adjustment procedure is too complicated to describe here - can you get hold of the relevant Haynes manual? Number 1491 covers the 2.0l 3A engine.

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