helmet cheaply? - Gazza
Where is the best place to helmet cheaply?

I am going to keep it for a long time so a new one is preferred but I would also consider a demo one.

How much would I be looking at? (full-face or open-chin)

helmet cheaply? - Tom Shaw
Before you consider how cheap a helmet you want, you have to ask yourself how much your head is worth. I am not in favour of mandatory helmet use, but a cheap helmet which probably won't fit properly can do more damage than none at all.
helmet cheaply? - volvoman
Agreed Tom - my best mate died aged 20 as a result of head injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident. He'd been wearing a slightly damaged helmet because he didn't want to get his nice new one 'dirty'. Ironical 'cos when I bought my bike he told me to buy the best helmet I could afford but his nice new Griffin helmet was still in it's box the day he passed away. Buy the best you can afford Gazza.
helmet cheaply? - Gazza
Sorry I forgot to add that I am considering taking up track days.

1. I am considering a less heavy/bulky/big for track days. (I had a full-face helmet for my bike/karting but it is uncomfortable in a car.) Should I go for open-face for it for my purpose?

3. Where to buy one in London (near Canary Wharf) and what is good-value for money (BSI approved)?

Thanks for all your advice and, as you all said, I take safety seriously on a bike.

helmet cheaply? - J Bonington Jagworth
I must admit that I find open-face more comfortable, although when I went shopping for one a few years ago, they seemed pretty scarce (more common now, I think). While I accept the general premise that you wouldn't want a cheap and nasty one, I assume that all BSI-approved helmets work equally well, and providing you can find one that is a good fit (and a bit tight to begin with) the price shouldn't matter a great deal. Race replica helmets are expensive because of the fancy paint job, not the basic construction...
helmet cheaply? - Pugugly {P}
Surf the web for cheap deals. SWMBO bought me a new Y2K paintwork Shoei last year - a whopping £65-00 below list (about £120) but its too sad to wear 'cos its the wrong colour (joke)
helmet cheaply? - martint123
I don't think they'll let you do track days with an open face helmet.
p.s. best place to buy for both selection and price is something like the BMF show. You also have to enjsure a good fit.

helmet cheaply? - martint123
ref track days - sorry, I automatically assumed it was for a bike - maybe a car, in which case i suspect it is not so critical unless you drive like a looney ;-)

helmet cheaply? - Gazza
Car, not bike. Bike is too dangerous on track, that's what I think anyway. Garrison
helmet cheaply? - Wooster
Please - buy a decent helmet. Don't assume BSI means a lot - I used to know a technician at Bell who said the foam liners from most Bell helmets would pass the BSI test. Arai is considered to be'the best', followed by Shoei. But because of the unique-ness of your head shape, you'll probably prefer one brand more than another.
Many dealers will still have last years stock, and sell them at 35% off the list price, just because they the latest paint jobs. Large motorcycle dealers will have the biggest stock, and so the largest 'old' stock. Make sure it fits well - remember the foam liner will compress after a few weeks, so it won't seem such a tight fit.
I could go on for ever about chash helmets - but I'll get off my soap box unless you ask me again...
helmet cheaply? - Thommo
It is strange that some heads fit some makes better than others but if it suits you then ARAI. Top quality and worth the money.

Bikers (or me anyway) tend to stock up at the BMF rally (Peterborough, May) or the IOM TT (June) where quality gear goes for very low prices, probably not much use to you now but worth remembering for next year.
helmet cheaply? - J Bonington Jagworth
>Don't assume BSI means a lot

That seems a bit harsh - this is from the Motorcycle-Training website:

"The BSI 6658 standard is one of the toughest tests for motorcycle helmets in the world. It is generally accepted to be better than the American DOT and European CE standards. The standard doesn't just test new helmet designs, but mandates testing of a %age of all batches manufactured. All this helps to reduce the risk to you in the event of an accident. Recently the European Union have addressed this by creating EC 2205 which is accepted as an equivalent to BSI 6658.
A Type B (green) label - ensures that the helmet meets the minimum criteria for a road legal helmet and has been tested for general riding use.
A Type A (blue) label - helmet exceeds this criteria and has been tested to withstand maximum impact (including a chin bar tests, etc.). The Type A test is aimed at helmets which may be used for racing."
helmet cheaply? - bernie
I note that you said you wanted to keep it a long time ?

The manufacturers state that you should replace your helmet after a certain number of years use.My Arai should be replaced after 5 years.All have a date stamp usually on the strap.

You dont really have to pay a fortune these days,most have past the relavent tests and the really expensive helmets are that price because they are usually associated with a top racer.
helmet cheaply? - mmm-five
I got an approved helmet from Demon Tweeks for about £65 and that is an open-face one which I use in the M5 on track. I must have tried about 20 different helmets for size & fit and this one seemed to fit the best so I got it. It also has cut-outs around the ears for a radio system, which doubles for extra ear space when you don\'t have the radio system in.

www.bookatrack.com have two types (B & A) available on their SHOPPING SECTION which are quite cheap, but are full-face ones that a lot of the Caterfield crowd use.
helmet cheaply? - Gazza
Thanks, I have looked at BookaTrack but I have already got a full face one. The full face helemt is just a little too big for inside my Nissan.
helmet cheaply? - shoei
Try DH autos Newcastle Under Lyme Staffordshire www.dhautos.co.uk
they are by far the cheapest place I have found for helmets.

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