KA Horn - Bruce
The horn on my Ford KA now 1 year and 1 week old has just stopped working. You guessed it 1 week outside the warranty period. I've checked the fuse and had a poke around underneath. I am frightend to fiddle with the steering wheel boss incase I set off the air bag has anyone got any bright ideas, which do not involve £40 per hour labour?
Re: KA Horn - Mark (Brazil)
Can you get any noise out of it at all by wiggling it or pushing it hard ?

Its a pretty simple arrangment essentially shorting two contacts. If its a duff contact one would have expected it to become increasingly difficult to use until it stopped.

Assuming the wires are still well connected to the Horn itself and its still grounded properly.
Re: KA Horn - Bruce
No noise at all, it just stopped mid blast!
Re: KA Horn - Andy Bairsto
Put an avo meter on the horn get somebody to press the horn if you get 12 volts it is the horn itself or a bad earth.If there is no current you will have to look elsewhere you will not activate the air bag taking the steering wheel apart ,perhaps it would be better if it did and stop people pinchining them
Re: KA Horn - Mark (Brazil)
Andy is right, start at the horn end.

Are you sure you checked the right fuse ? Even if you did, try switching it with another, they can look ok even when not.

Mid blast prob. means it is not the switch itself, although of course it could simply be a wire falling off in the switch.
Re: KA Horn - Ian Cook

The fault could be in several places, depending on whether the horn is powered via a relay.

Put a direct 12 volts across the horn contacts. If it doesn't work you have probably found the problem (duff horn). If it does, check the fuse(s). There could be one for the horn button and if this is blown you may find that something else doesnt work either. There could be another feeding the relay. If the fuses are all OK and the horn is OK then it's probably the relay.

Alternatively, you could just wind the window down and shout.


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