Remote Central Locking - hootie
Mr H and I both have Honda CRV's with remote central locking, mine's 6 years old next month, and his is just gone two years old.

My remote boot release has never been used because in isolation it sets off the alarm. I just carry the other, smaller remote (which is also linked to the immobiliser) and then open the boot as per - no prob's.

Mr H's vehicle though - self locks if you just use the remote and don't either open the door or put the key in the ignition pretty swiftish. Not very helpful in lots of circumstances.
(although his remote boot opening works independently - which is quite good in supermarket car parks)

My question is - should Mr H's car automatically lock itself again, after using the remote? The dealer/service agent says it should - be it's damn inconvenient.
It seems an odd thing to have changed since my car came out - unless there's a good reason for it, that we haven't realised?

Are we being fobbed off or is it right, anyone know?

"Appearances can be Deceptive"
Remote Central Locking - T Lucas
Many Japanese cars will relock the doors if you don't open the drivers door.I think its for the US market,probably anti-carjacking.Some cars can be re-programed if you read the manual.
Remote Central Locking - Cyd
the functionality you describe for the newer car is correct. it is to counteract the possibility of inadvertently unlocking the car using radio remote from out-of-sight (something you cannot do with infra red). I believe it's an insurance requirement. The time is usually set to about 2 minutes which should be enough to ensure no inconvenience.
Remote Central Locking - hootie
Thanks for the info guys - fair enough then - will have a look see at the manual. If not will have to enter car without distractions in future, or stick to my own vehicle :)

"Appearances can be Deceptive"
Remote Central Locking - Andy P
"You have just unlocked your Honda. You now have thirty seconds to open one of the doors. If you should choose not to do so, the doors will automatically lock themselves......"



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