Which Estate car - corblimeyguvnar
Question for you?
What estate car, and I include Zafiras etc in this, would it be possible to get a small motorbike/moped in without chopping bits off?
Cheers All
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Which Estate car - Baskerville
Last weekend I saw a Citroen Berlingo Multispace with a whole vintage Lambretta standing up in the back. The bloke had built a wooden ramp to wheel it down, which he propped on the standard reinforced bumper. My guess is this, and Peugeot Partner, Renault Kangoo, and Fiat Doblo are the only estate cars of that size you would get it in standing upright.

Which Estate car - corblimeyguvnar
thats a shame, they all look like pants!
cheers anyway

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Which Estate car - Baskerville
Well, that's a matter of taste. Absolutely perfect for the job you need to do though? Still, if you're that bothered about image I guess you'll just have to struggle on with something less capable. I happen to think my Pug Partner looks quite funky ;-)


Which Estate car - Hugo {P}
I assume this is to purue a hobby?

Have you thought about the mini MPVs ie the Picasso, the Megan Scenic or similar?

The Picasso has rear seats that come out easily, which gives you the option of leaving them at home.

Alternitively, how about a cheap 2nd vehicle like a car derived van or an older estate, or a larger van, which could double up as the tip runner etc for gardening/DIY?

I am renovating my own property at the moment and decided I couldn't justify the 5 figure sum for a replacement vehicle, so I kept the Xantia (worth peanuts) and shelled out £750 for a SWB Trafic (same size as the SWB Transit and about a 3rd of the price).

Pros are:

Family car no longer gets messy with all those bits of rubbish to the tip/materials from the merchants.

Less mileage on the main car - lasts longer and fewer bills to pay on that one. Replacement can be posponed further.

Two vehicles, if one is in for service or needs MOT work the other is still available.

Van carries much more weight than the car ever would.

No need to tow the trailer with the car, the Van clutch should be more robust.

Saves a fortune when you would otherwise incurr delivery/moving charges. We moved house using ours.

Diesel van - very simple DIY maintenance

Van is more economic bieng a diesel

Cons are

Expense of running 2 vehicles as opposed to one (partly offset bu savings above). Allow gross about an extra £600 p/a including maintenance. Ours has already paid for itself this year.

Don't expect to be first off the lights in anything other than a petrol or turbodiesel van
Which Estate car - corblimeyguvnar
business and hobby combined.
dont think i can stretch to 2 vehicles though.
i'll have to give it some thought.
as for the looks of the motor, not so much me worried about the shape etc, more the daughter, teenagers ay, cant live with em, cant brutally axe murder em. i have to have something with a vague normalescence or she wont go near it, they dont know theyre born the bergers.

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Which Estate car - Baskerville
Teenagers eh. All they want is to be allowed to "be themselves." But that turns out to mean "be like everybody else." No wonder the marketeers love them.
Which Estate car - corblimeyguvnar
'be themselves', oh that is sooo true!!!!!
bless 'em, grrr

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Which Estate car - sean
Surprisingly, Merc "A" Class sans seats,

Unsurprisingly, Passat est, Mondeo est, Alhambra/Galaxy/Sharan, Previa,Pug 406 est,

Understand that getting it in is not the only problem.

Most "cars" require it to be horizontal when loaded so you've battery acid and petrol spillage to think about.

"A" class accepts most 50s vertically.
Which Estate car - Altea Ego
My 13 year old car mad boy think the kangoo/berlingo type cars are kewl. Badgered me rotten to get a top of the range one rather than the laguna. But like most teen/parent conversations I ignored him.
Which Estate car - corblimeyguvnar
good for you

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