Anyone sold a personal plate? - Thommo
I have a personal plate on my car (came with the car such things don't bother me) and I am astonished to learn that very similar plates are on sale for £1,500 (via the plate search on this site).

Has anyone tried to sell a plate to these companies? What sort of differential to the sale price is on offer? Are they going to offer me £50 for something they're knocking out at £1,500?
Anyone sold a personal plate? - sean
Guess it depends on whether the plate has been clocked on speed cameras, Thommo.

You know from folks whose GPS devices weren't updated to show relocated cameras.

No, seriously though, I used to own "50 CYG" on an old moped.

I approached several of the number plate swap firms and received £200 for it, in 1997, I think.

I was amazed when I saw it on 6 different company sites in Autotrader a week later, for £1900. I rang them and they said that was the start price, to negotiate downwards, and they have to secure title, ensure transfer fees are paid etc.

I was happy with £200 as the bike had cost me £25 but......

Anyone sold a personal plate? - sean
Oh, and by the way, I've got 8917UB if anyone's interested.

I've had the old bike 20 years odd, so it's not taxed or MoT'd.

I suppose I should do something about the plate.

It's on a new-fangled V5 as well as a buff logbook.

Answers please?
Anyone sold a personal plate? - HF
Forgive my density but what is the significance of 8917UB please?

I'm very intelligent really, just got good at hiding it.
Anyone sold a personal plate? - sean
I don't think there's any significance in 8917UB.

It's just an old number on a very old bike.

When I look at some folks' tenuous links with their regs I bet there are possibilities with this.

Who knows?

I'm only an engineer. Better ask the "artists and designers" amongst us.
Anyone sold a personal plate? - HF
LOL Sean,

but of course, as you say, being *only* an engineer hardly qualifies you as worthy of commenting does it? ;)

Anyway I thought WW3 was over - are you the lone sniper still hanging in there waiting for firing opportunities? ;)

Anyone sold a personal plate? - Doc
I sold a plate to a dealer many years ago.
I reckon I got about 50% of what they sold it for.

However, you may find it difficult to sell a number privately.
Anyone sold a personal plate? - Dude - {P}
A company such as Reg Transfers would probably offer you around £1000 for a plate, that they would then retail at £1500. It is just a matter of sending them an EMail with your number details and requesting their valuation, which is then mailed back to you within 24 hours.
Anyone sold a personal plate? - Clanger
In 1999 I sold my mother's registration to a James Munn of Market Research 01257 474746 and had an exemplary experience. Notably cheque for quoted amount arrived when he said it would. 5 star chap.

Anyone sold a personal plate? - Thommo
Dude, Hawkeye, thanks for that. Will emial/call and let you know what happens,



No speed tickets attached to THIS plate, but the other 40...
Anyone sold a personal plate? - Thommo
Not looking good. Best offer so far is £150 on commission! That is I don't even get the money unless they sell it. For £1,500 persumably. No wonder there are so many of these firms.
Anyone sold a personal plate? - Dude - {P}
Thommo that offer of £150 against a plate valued at £1500 retail is an absolute insult, - just out of interest what is the number you are trying to sell, and is it pre 1963 ???
Anyone sold a personal plate? - PB
You could try ebay... enough sellers keeping an eye on there should make sure you get a reasonable price if it is actually worth anything. What is it out of interest?

Anyone sold a personal plate? - Thommo
Offer from Reg Transfers £100 on commission. Seems that none of these sites actually buy the plate from you until they have sold it. All that happens is effectively they advertise it on their site and then take 1400% commission if it sells. Nice work if you can get it. Stuck it on Ebay (£7 to advertise) lets see what happens.
Anyone sold a personal plate? - HF
If Sylvester Stallone happens to be a forum member, then I have plates that he might pay me a few quid for. Otherwise I'm afraid they are doomed for the scrapheap!
Anyone sold a personal plate? - Thommo
Anyone sold a personal plate? - MS
How similar is your plate to a £1500 plate?

From a value viewpoint it may not be similar enough :-(

i.e. X1HOT would probably be a lot more valuable than H1HOT and HOT1 even more valuable.
Anyone sold a personal plate? - MS
oops! Got this the wrong way round

I meant to say H1HOT would probably be a lot more valuable than X1HOT
Anyone sold a personal plate? - Thommo
Same letters same number of number and similar numbers (numerically only 13 away from my numbers). Almost identical.
Anyone sold a personal plate? - Thommo
Sorry to be a bit coy but this forum has been told of some of my exploits in the past. Although I am now a reformed character...

Suffice to say if the £1,500 plate was say HIL 5623 mine would be HIL 5610. As I say almost identical.
Anyone sold a personal plate? - thebouncingbunny
a lot of these plate sellers seem to be chancers.lets face it asking price aint selling price.if it is an irish plate they generally seem to be about £100-£200 .then theres th £80 transfer fee.although i think this is usually paid by the purchaser .
Anyone sold a personal plate? - looking4car
Sorry, but anyone vain enough to want this legalised form of grafitti deserves to be fleeced in my opinion.

Good luck to the chancers I say.
Anyone sold a personal plate? - Steve S
You can make a few quid - I bought one for £495 sold it three years later for £1275 ( so it probably went for £1500 ).

The big boys are likely to have most of the initials and traditional car models like 911, 355 and all that. So the next best thing for smaller players who just want to have a bit of fun with the market is to try second guess the success of future car models that are due. Then hope the model hangs around. For example; when Merc came up with the SLK/CLK those letters were available at a modest price direct from DVLA.

Merc is perfect for pp sales. So provided the models were up to scratch it was obvious that SLK/CLK plates would increase in value rapidly. If it wa on an M plate so much the better.

From this summer, I would think anyone who has a number that contains RX 8 in some legible form would be looking at the same thing. These Mazdas are likely to go well I would think.

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