Ford Zetec models. - Ben {P}
What is the difference lx and Zetec models of Mondeo and Focus- is it just trim, or does one have sportier (harder) suspension.

To any Mondeo experts out there, do the late mondeo 2ltr ( around 99 model year on) have very slightly different engines than the early cars? My old What car magasines suggest a change from a 128bhp to a 136bhp engine. This might explain why hj's car gives up to 40 mpg and the 2ltr 97R mondeo i had didnt. The focus according to what car stats has only ever had the 128bhp engine. Is this true?

I ask as i have been very tempted by a 00V Mondeo 2ltr Zetec estate i have been offered.
Ford Zetec models. - Blue {P}
As far as I know, the Focus Zetec definately has sportier suspension than the LX, as well as sports seats and much more attractive trim.

Don't know about the Mondeo though.

Oh, my Fiesta Zetec has much better looking trim than the LX, but I don't think it has different suspension, it's hard enough as it is!

Ford Zetec models. - Miller
The 2 litre Mondeo actually went down from 136bhp to 128bhp not long after the facelifted mk2 came out to improve emissions/mpg I believe, so in theory your 97R could of had either engine.

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