delayed repair - nenad
My Peugeot 406 developed a radiator leak on 29 May, the following day was taken off the road by the dealership which sold it to me 9 months previously and I was told radiator had a fault and will be relpaced asap under the warranty. Ever since then the car has been in the garage and although I was provided with courtesy car immediately my daily work suffers since the first courtesy car was much smaller. That was replaced last week but but I am still finnishing my work later than usual due to constant pulling over to use mobile phone (my car has hands free kit).

I would like to know if other Peugeot owners are having similar problems? I do not believe that Peugeot are allowed to sell new cars without being able to provide spare parts. How long should I accept this situation?
delayed repair - Marcos{P}

I had a problem with my new W211 E-Class leaking diesel onto some pipes so the pipes began to perish. The garage gave me a courtesy car and sid it would be done in a couple of days. They rang back to say the part was on back order and it may take anything up to three months.
Needless to say I went mad and demanded a meeting with the manager and suddenly the part was due in that afternoon.
Sometimes it pays to have a go at these people and demand it is sorted and as it is costing you money, by pulling over to use your phone etc, try to demand compensation unless it is sorted quickly.

Best of luck
Compensation - nenad
I wrote earlier about trouble getting my 406 fixed. I finally got the car back after 5 weeks. Once I requested compensation Manufacturer has agreed to extend the warrantly for a month. Dealer refuses any compensation apart from sorry we did all we could. I think I am due at least a reduction in cost for next service if nor more. What do you think?

Thanks a lot.


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