New SORN laws - joe
I have a problem!

My tax expires at midnight tonight. This weekend I dug out my paperwork in readiness for taxing the car today. Alas, my MOT expired in April (whoops!). Unfortunately, my exhaust front pipe is blowing and needs replacing first (otherwise it will fail the emmissions test). No-one had the part in stock this weekend and I cannot get it done until thursday. It is booked in to have the part fitted and the mot done this thursday, so I will be able to tax it on friday. That leaves 4 days when the car will be without tax. It will not be used in this time (we have a spare). If I do not go and sorn it today, will I receive an automatic £80 fine? If I do sorn it, is the effect of the sorn automatically cancelled when I re-tax it, or is there a load more paperwork to fill in?

Before you all say it, yes, I should have put the MOT renewal date in the diary......
New SORN laws - king arthur
It's probably best to declare SORN - I'm not quite sure what the law is, whether you would have to have the MoT test first and then get the exhaust fixed, or whether you are entitled to drive the car to have the exhaust fitted beforehand - anyway, once you have the MoT, taxing the car cancels the SORN declaration.
New SORN laws - joe
Just phoned DVLA. they say that there is no need to get it sorned, as it is only a matter of 4 days. Well, if they say so...
As far as driving to the garage goes, the same garage is fixing the exhasut and doing the mot, so I am allowed to drive to the garage. If I sorn it, I cannot then drive to the garage.....
New SORN laws - Cliff Pope
It would be extremely useful to know the exact permissible period. 4 days OK, 7 days ? 2 weeks ? What happens if after a week the garage say there is a problem getting the part and it will be another 4 days ?

As regards driving to the MOT, you are allowed to drive an untaxed car to a prebooked MOT or to somewhere where they are going to fix it for the MOT, if they were different places. I have always assumed that automatically that means a SORNed car CAN be driven on the road, but only in those specific circumstances.
New SORN laws - Dwight Van Driver

Whilst some would insist that there are 14 days of grace in which to tax your vehicle this is by custom of DVLA and is not law. To be strictly legal then tax expires 30.6. new one should be in force on 1.7. which is why you get your reminder some 14 days before expiry. Because of paperwork generated then DVLA allow a leeway.

However whilst receiving verbal advice from DVLA and due to current changes to tighten up the system to get revenue in, as you have access to a PC then send DVLA an EMail as what has happened and that you will be a week late in renewal. Keep a copy as an Insurance policy.

Cliff Pope is correct re driving the vehicle to a MOT Station untaxed - but not uninsured.

New SORN laws - J.B.
Sounds like a bit of a catch 22 situation here. You are right to say you can drive to an MOT provided it is pre-booked, But according to www.northyorkshire.police./faqs there is no period of grace and a vehicle must have a valid tax disc displayed on every journey on a public road.
The reason for Sorn amongst other things is that the DVLA want to catch "month skippers" and can now identify them. They do say however that SORN is for people who INTEND to keep their car of the road. So really I havn't been much use have I, (I guess I know what you'll do and that isn't hire a car trailer) best of luck all the same.
New SORN laws - Pugugly {P}
No doubt DVD would have something to say - but a motor vehicle booked in for a pre-arranged MoT was allowed to go to the testing station without a VEL or MoT - however this could be highly technical as it is going for repair initially prior to the MoT that it could be argued that the exemption does not exist...picky perhaps.
New SORN laws - Dwight Van Driver PU we are scrapping the barrel but absolutely right I suspect. What about dual function.

But Joe knowing it isn't going to pass the test, i.e. certificate refused, can he claim: (another bit of elastic)

Sched 2 22(3)(a) VE and Reg Act 1994.. delivering it , by previous arrangement, at a place where relevant work is to be done.

N Yorks Police (my old Force) are wrong - it is a vehicle exempt from Excise whilst used solely for the purpose of submitting it for a Test by previous arrangement, or bring it away. Sched 2, 22((1)(a)(b))

New SORN laws - J.B.
Sorry Joe, just read Cliff Popes post and started searching. He's quite right DVLA website clearly states that the ONE exeption to needing a tax disc is to drive to a pre arranged compulsory MOT test. So I reckon your'e home free----there's no way the DVLA will catch up with you in four days because you can apply for the tax disc at a Post Office for up to 14 days after expiry. Declaring SORN would really be digging a hole for yourself in my oppinion.
New SORN laws - joe
If I genuinely had 14 days grace (even if only by custom) there would be no problem, but I am currently relying on an unnamed phone operative at DVLA telling me that 4 days will be no problem. (The email idea seems like a good one, but then of course I would have created a record of the fact that I have been tootling about for the last month with no MOT!) Her rationale was that by the time that Swansea receive my SORN, I will already have bought a new tax disc. Still, if I do it her way, the records will show a period of 4 days when I was neither taxed or sorned, (even though my tax will effectively be backdated to take effect from 1 July). If I get fined for this, I will be seriously cross.

As to the exemption re travelling to a pre-booked MOT, I would be extremely surprised if the exemption doesn't apply if I have also asked the garage to do the pre-mot prep (which the exhaust repair can fairly be said to be.) To put it another way, I know that the car will fail without this work. If I rely on the exemption in the knowledge that my car is bound to fail, then that to me seems to offend the spirit of the law, if not the letter. Can't imagine that plod or CPS would ever try and take such a point.
New SORN laws - J.B.
Glad to see that Pugugly has time to waste in the afternoon as well (perhaps its all 530d drivers. (user definitely did choose er)) I didnt realise that you were getting it fixed at another place before going to the MOT. As he says, picky, but still not cosher. Of course you could quite legally have the MOT done first; Fail, and drive to have it fixed somewhere else the have it re-tested. Sorry my tongue is stuck in my cheek.
New SORN laws - joe
No No No, the same garage is doing both.
New SORN laws - J.B.
New SORN laws - joe
I doubt it, its a main dealer. Only place that could get the part and fit me in in time. If the lights dim on the national grid on thursday, that will be my credit card being swiped....
New SORN laws - Pugugly {P}
"Glad to see that Pugugly has time to waste in the afternoon as well"

TIC accepted - I have taken three weeks holiday, one of the few privlages of being one of the bosses.
New SORN laws - Cliff Pope
I think you can drive to have the work done even if that is not the same place as the MOT. I think I read this on the back of my last failure report.You don't have to have failed first, it just says 'in order to have work done for the MOT' or something like that. I was surprised, that's why I remembered it.

(As a complete red herring, I remember years ago another case when tax was not needed was in taking voters to a polling booth. I wonder if this still applies or has quietly lapsed?)
New SORN laws - Pugugly {P}
A remarkable memory Cliff....I don't know whether its still on the books either.
New SORN laws - Pugugly {P}
You are right about the taking to a place of repair. Where a car fails its MoT it can be delivered to and from a place of repair for furhter examination of the defects on the grounds that the MoT was refused or to be scrapped. VEL - used solely for the purpose of taking it for an MoT on a specified time and date (i.e. appointment)and bringing it back and the same exemtion for getting it fixed as the MoT - in fact the wording of the act is identical to that of the MoT (joined up thinking !). Basically if you stop off at the shop for a packet of fags they'll do you.
In practice these days you may get summoned without being stopped or spoken to(seen by a PC or picked up on an enfrocement camera)so make sure al your appointments are docmented 'cos you might need them six months down the line.
New SORN laws - J Bonington Jagworth
"tax was not needed was in taking voters to a polling booth"

What a wonderful loop-hole! I can't see that being repealed in a hurry (although New Labour might make it only apply to those who were voting for them)...
New SORN laws - Dwight Van Driver
Thanks Cliff Pope for your note roused a memory of the very same so down amongst the books. Can trace from my Training Notes written on 4.12.1967 that then, an exemption from Excise Licence applied to vehicles used to carry Voters to the Polls.

Still in being in 1981 under Section 89 Representation of the Peoples Act 1949.... vehicles used only at Elections without payment by passengers. (Wilkinsons Ten Edition).

Been through what I have of the R of Peoples Act 1983 and it seems to have disappeared and there is no mention under the exemptions Schedule 2 RV Reg and Excise Act 1994. Seems we must be more affluent or politics not subscribing to bribes (free transport if you vote).

Hope you are noting this bit of history DavidHM.

New SORN laws - Gen
And if we get all these referendums we'll be able to go for a drive every day!

"I was just going to the shops to buy a pen to vote with, officer"
New SORN laws - Cliff Pope
I remembered the rule because I did once actually take advantage of it. I was barely 17, and thrilled with my first car, a Triumph Mayflower costing £10. While saving up my pocket money to buy road tax I drove my parents to vote once, making it a nice long round trip.
I was old enough to have a provisional licence, not old enough to vote myself of course.
New SORN laws - thebouncingbunny
am i right in saying that this £80 fine lark isnt actually law yet but just a proposal?that also there is a grey area as to where or how near to home you book the mot?


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