small but perfectly formed? - kaytee
hi, can you help. we are looking for a small, reliable, economical car. we have thought about the honda jazz,vw polo, fiesta, c3, seat ibiza and the skoda fabia. most of the time our car is parked on the drive or the works car park.there is just me and my husband and occasionally our 15 year old son who thinks we should buy the new maserati. we don't really know a lot about cars so all help gratefully recieved. thanks
small but perfectly formed? - sean
Please look at replies to automaticallyuk's question on page 2.

I'd say you should go for:
Seat Arosa / VW Lupo (amazing room inside for such a small car)
Skoda Fabia
Seat Ibiza.

The Jazz is built to a price where the above cars use modified VW Golf platforms, so you are getting all the technology, R&D investment and knowledge from a much dearer range.

The polo is now a bit bloated. You are pulling a lot of excess weight around and paying much more than the ibiza or fabia just for the badge, but it's a very good car.

(If you bought a maserati, or fiat, you'd rapidly learn a lot about cars, spending days in the repair shop.) DON'T BUY ITALIAN.
small but perfectly formed? - DavidHM
Any of them is a good car. If you can live with the ride and the styling, the Jazz is probably the best, but it is also the most expensive with the least possibility of a discount.

Don't buy a base model Polo because they're too slow. And don't buy a top model because they're too expensive. Somewhere in between a 75 bhp Polo 1.4S might make some sense, but it all depends on the deal you can get.

Most of those are available from which will give you an idea of what you should really be looking to pay.

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