Squeeky wheel on world's worst supermini - Nellyspania
I am unfortunate enough to own a hideous 850cc Seat Marbella (spanish panda) which was a temporary stop gap that somehow has managed to stay for 8000 miles!

The problem is an intermittant squeek at low speeds from the drivers side front wheel hub. It's definately not the brakes rubbing because I jacked it up and took off the brake caliper, turned the wheel by hand and it still squeeked. If it is the wheel bearing can I just leave it until it starts to go crunchy grindy or should I get it sorted right now?
Squeeky wheel on world's worst supermini - Liverpaul

You can leave it as long as you like, but you will inevitably end up causing more damage, it really depends on how long you want to keep the car. It may be the wheel bearing but in my past experience I have found that when a wheel bearing goes it starts to sound like a jet plane engine; a fairly loud high pitched hum that varies with your speed.

You could try greasing the bearing to stop the squeak and also check behind the wheel to see if anything else is rubbing that may cause the noise. Just be careful not to grease the discs at any point, otherwise stopping next time you drive the car may not be an easy option.

Squeeky wheel on world's worst supermini - Another John H
the bangernomics guide would be
if it's not broken, don't fix it
if it's broken, don't fix it..

I'm sure it'll let you know when there's a major problem.

The hub on this, if it's like the Panda, will cost more than the cars worth.


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